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Logan Speyer Returns For Huge Test

Veteran Looks To Put Injury In The Rearview Mirror At AKA 18 Friday, Live on FIGHT PASS

Sandwiched in between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, Logan Speyer threw a leg kick that snapped his leg, and while the road to recovery is easy for nobody, it’s a little rockier in the regional circuit.

Speyer impressed in his MMA debut, finishing his fight in less than two minutes and redefining “high volume” by throwing 87 strikes in just over 100 seconds.

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Heading into his second fight, Speyer was chock-full of confidence and aggression. Unfortunately, the combination seemed to have gotten the better of him when he snapped his leg.

“I didn’t set the kick up really good,” Speyer said. “I kind of threw what they call a ‘dry kick,’ without throwing my hands first. He pretty much saw it coming. He went to pick the leg, not so much checking the kick, but he saw the kick coming. He was a wrestler and he went to grab the leg kick, and when he was doing it, all of his weight was posted on that front leg, so it basically acted as a check and I kicked the side of the knee.”

Adrenaline took care of the immediate pain but Speyer lost functionality in his leg and ended up on the ground. After kicking his opponent off he went to stand and that’s when he realized the situation he was in.

“When I stood back up I felt it,” Speyer said. “I felt something and I looked down and I saw it bulging. The skin bulging out and then I threw myself back down and waved him off like, ‘I’m done.’ I knew it was broke.”

When you’re one of the most dominant fighters in the history of combat sports like Anderson Silva was, the most likable fighter in UFC history like Chris Weidman is, or have one of the most raucous fanbases in any sport like Conor McGregor, the sports world rallies around you.

An Instagram post showing your progress can result in impressions high enough to rejuvenate anybody’s will to bounce back.

For Speyer, a two fight veteran, it was going to come down to sheer willpower and discipline if he wanted to return to form.

“I haven’t made it to that level yet, but in my head I’m trying to compete for the best already,” Speyer said. “I’m trying to get the best fights I can, but I’m also trying to be moderate.”

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In his first fight in close to two years, coming off an injury that has proven devastating for a fighter, will Speyer’s age and enthusiasm to make it big cost him?

“This is just a big test for me,” Speyer said. “The fight has been won to me a long time ago. Just stepping back into that cage and competing again is a victory. My leg is 100% healed, like it was never broken, so there’s going to be no problem with throwing leg kicks.”

If Speyer learned anything in his two-year absence it’s always set up leg kicks. Whether you’re back to 100% or not, it’ll cost ya.

Ignoring that Speyer has only had two pro fights, this is the biggest fight of his young career. It’s a huge test for his will, his skill and his body. The world waits to see what version of Speyer we’ll get, but he assures everybody close to him that the best is yet to come.

“You will see a 100% more mature and galvanized mindset when it comes to this fight,” Speyer said. “It’s a whole different ballgame now. I’ve never stopped improving over the last two years. I’ve had a couple injuries set me back but that all built a stronger mindset. Sitting on your ass is the hardest thing for anybody to do. I’m going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

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