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UFC Fight Pass


It’s Award Season And UFC FIGHT PASS Has Officially Nailed Down The Nominees. Which Fight, Promoter And More Gave Us The Best Of The Best In 2023?

The official nominees are in and the votes are being cast, but this time UFC FIGHT PASS went bigger and better. More nominees, more knockouts, more submissions than ever. Who is one step away from their 2023 UFC FIGHT PASS award?

Podcast of the Year:
The Lover and the Fighter
Gambler’s Perspective
3 Knockdown Rule
UFC Unfiltered

This Week On UFC FIGHT PASS | December 17-December 23, 2023

Poster of the Year:
LFA 151
Unified MMA 50
LUX 034
UAE Warriors 43
Cage Warriors 165

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Storyline of the Year:
Badmatsyren Dorzhiev becoming a dual-promotion champion
Vic Gonzalez vs Nick Piccininni “Spoon-fed Wrestlers”
Campbell University and Army battle for “America’s Team” crown
Rob Watley conquers addiction and four-year layoff to become a CFFC champion

Folly of the Year:

Tracy Reeder breaks toes running into the crowd – Fury FC 83
Commentators not knowing each other’s names – Titan FC 83
Fighter knocks over cutwoman – A1 Combat 12

Walkout of the Year:
Roman Lopez – UWC 43
Myron Dennis – Fury FC 79
Juan Pablo Gonzalez – UWC 50
Dorian Ramos – UWC 43
Gerry Meusa – Combat FC 4

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Nickname of the Year:
Myron “Lightskin Dynamite” Dennis Fury FC
Anthony “Fat Tony” Canzano – Fury FC
Shawn “The Brutal Noodle” Johnson – Unified MMA/CES MMA/Cage Warriors
Micah “The Super Jew” Haas – Tuf N Uff
“White Chocolate” Daniel Jones – Eternal MMA

FIGHT PASS Graduate of the Year:
Stephen Erceg
Marcus McGhee
Muhammad Naimov
Morgan Charriere
Chepe Mariscal

Interview of the Year:
Thomas Petersen – LFA 150
Carl Minus – Fury FC 76
Jimmy Wallhead/Rhys McKee – Cage Warriors 153
Charlie Campbell – CFFC 120
Nicky Rod – FPI 4
Badmatsyren Dorzhiev – CFFC 122
Robert Varricchio – CFFC 123
Robert Watley – CFFC 128
Nicky Rod – FPI 5

Upset of the Year:
Nayib Lopez over Ivan Valenzuela – LUX 030
Genil Francisco over Shamil Magomedov – UAE Warriors 36
Giannis Bachar over Carlo Pedersoli Jr. – Cage Warriors 154
Fedor Nikolov over Haisam Rida – FPI 4
Chris Earnest over Nate Lukez – Battle at Bragg

Submission of the Year:
Brandon Olson – A1 Combat 8: Kimura
Yemi Oduwole – CES 73: Peruvian Necktie
Taylor Mauldin – A1 Combat 12: Gogoplata
Dimas Chapa – Fury Challenger Series 4: Flying Triangle
Luis Elias – UWC 45: Calf Slicer
Luis Escudero – UWC 47: Flying Armbar
Ibrahim Al-Faqih Hassan – UAE Warriors 40: Buggy Choke
Ali Wasuk – BFL 76: Inverted Triangle Kneebar
An Tuan Ho – LFA 152: Kneebar

Knockout of the Year:
Bernardo Sopai – Fight Club Rush 15
Robelis Despaigne – Fury Challenger Series 7
Shamel Findley – CFFC 119
Alex Oliveira – Titan FC 82
Raul Zaragoza – LUX 033
Aboubakar Younousov – ARES 17
Trent Miller – CFFC 125
Luis Hernandez – Titan FC 83
Rodrigo Cossio vs Thiago Maldonado – FFC 70
Baris Adiguzel – Cage Warriors 162

Male Fighter of the Year:
Callum Walsh
Luis Elias
Nicky Rod
Badmatsyren Dorzhiev
Kody Steele


Female Fighter of the Year:
Taylor Mauldin
Stefi Cohen
Natalia Kuziutina

Event of the Year:
CFFC 117
FIGHT PASS Invitational 3
Cage Warriors 157
CFFC 125
Polaris 25
Cage Warriors 155

Fight of the Year:
Mohammad Yahya vs Souhil Tahiri - UAE Warriors 37
Mick Stanton vs Will Currie – Cage Warriors 151
Sunni Imhotep vs Jovidon Khojeaev – Cage Warriors 155
Andreas Gustafsson vs Toni Lampinen – FCR 16
Luke Riley vs Alexander Loof – Cage Warriors 160
Jordi Maya vs Erick Ruano – Budo Sento 17
Alexa Conners vs Elizabeth Schoder – CFFC 125

Who will get the call from TJ De Santis and Steve O on New Year’s Eve and take home the hardware? Find out by tuning in to Extra Rounds December 31, 2023!