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Don't miss the IMMAF World Championships

Everything you need to know about the IMMAF World Championships

The IMMAF-WMMAA World Amateur MMA Championships return to Manama this November 11-16.

IMMAF World Championships
IMMAF World Championships

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s 2019 Senior and Junior World Championship tournaments will take place at Khalifa Sport City over five days, hosted by the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation under the Bahrain Olympic Committee. Commencing on Sunday 10 November with the Tournament Draw and Opening Ceremony, the competitions will play out from Monday 11 to Thursday 14 with the Finals on Saturday 16. 

The World Championships features 332 Seniors and 120 Juniors, with a total of 452 athletes competing from 51 nations.

80 Senior female athletes will feature across six divisions from Atomweight to Lightweight . 314 senior male athletes will feature across 10 divisions from strawweight to super-heavyweight. Click here view online senior brackets

In the Junior championships, 18 female athletes will feature across divisions including Atomweight, Strawweight, Flyweight and Lightweight. 102 Jr. male athletes will compete across 9 divisions from Strawweight to Heavyweight. Click here to view online junior division brackets.

Which UFC fighters have competed at IMMAF tournaments?


Free Fight: IMMAF Delyan Georgiev (Bulgaria) VS Eduard Kexel (Germany)
Free Fight: IMMAF Delyan Georgiev (Bulgaria) VS Eduard Kexel (Germany)
What are the rules?
  • Professional MMA matches take place under the Unified Rules of MMA. IMMAF amateur bouts take place under IMMAF Amateur MMA Rules
  • Professional athletes compete for 3 x 5-minute rounds, with championship matches lasting 5 x 5 minute rounds. Amateurs compete for 3 x 3-minute rounds
  • Scoring (similarly to boxing) works on a ten-point system or bouts end via knock-out, referee stoppage or submission
  • There is no standing count in MMA for knock-downs. A competitor who has been knocked out for however briefly is considered to have lost the bout and the match is ended


Which countries lead the competition?


1 - Bahrain 

2 - Russia

3 - Kazakhstan 

4 - New Zealand 

5 - Sweden 

6 - Ukraine

7 - South Africa

8 - Australia  

9 - Finland 

10 - Mexico