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Rickson Gracie and Rafael Fiziev
UFC Unfiltered

Unfiltered: Rickson Gracie and Rafael Fiziev

Rickson Gracie and Rafael Fiziev Join The Show

BJJ Master and combat sports legend Rickson Gracie, and UFC lightweight Rafael Fiziev fresh off his victory at UFC 265, join Jim and Matt on today's episode of UFC Unfiltered!

First, BJJ Master Rickson Gracie calls in. He talks with Jim and Matt about which memories were hardest to share in his new memoir "Breathe: A Life in Flow", why learning how to properly breathe influenced every facet of his and his students' lives, what it was like to be on the forefront of the MMA movement, and so much more.
Next, Rafael Fiziev joins the show fresh off his win against Bobby Green at UFC 265 last Saturday. He tells Jim and Matt about learning his first grappling moves on YouTube when he began his MMA training, reveals how he felt about Green's in-cage talk and facial expressions, and how he began training in Muay Thai as a kid after he was bullied.
Finally, Panini America spokesman Brett Whitley calls in to share the latest news on Panini's UFC fighter collectible cards, including their most recent foray into NFTs.

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