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TUF Blog: Leah Letson Part 8


If you blinked, you may have missed me in this week's episode -- but I still think it was one of the most entertaining episodes of the season.

I really like Mo Greene, first of all. He was really kind and supportive of me in the TUF house, despite not being on the same team, and he always kept things interesting, which is important on this show. He's a hard-working family man, and he's doing a really good job with his MMA career.

Mo is great.

That said, I can't imagine why anyone would be drinking in the TUF house. I know it's boring, I know you get a little loopy -- but I'm so totally focused on the task at hand that drinking alcohol didn't register at all on my list of priorities. The thought alone gives me anxiety. Different strokes for different folks, and it's okay to cut loose every once in a while, but this is such a valuable opportunity that's already so difficult to take full advantage of; I can't imagine why you'd want to make the experience any harder on your body and mind than it already is.

Mo certainly wasn't the only one drinking, but he's getting a lot of screen time for it. I don't judge anyone for drinking in the house, but I really just don't get it. I should note, though, that I'm definitely not a big drinker at the best of times. I may have a beverage or two to celebrate a victory. But I worked as a bouncer at home in Milwaukee -- I know how you look and act when you're drunk -- and my body doesn't handle it well, either.

I hope that Mo (and everyone else) is able to use the alcohol to his advantage, maybe as a way to take away some of the stress or pressure, because I really do have a fondness for almost every one of my castmates, and I'd hate to see anybody sabotage their chances in the tournament over a couple drinks.