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Thiago Macedo’s Cardio And BJJ Are A Cut Above Many | UFC Fight Pass

Thiago Macedo Looks To Become Fury FC’s Next Grappler Turned Promotional Staple, But Knows His Grappling Pedigree Has Made His Path To The UFC A Bumpy Ride

Making MMA stars out of some of the most feared names in the BJJ world seems to be Fury FC’s specialty and what do you know, they’re at it again.

27-year-old Thiago Macedo is the next Pan-Am champion turned Fury FC scrapper looking to make a name for himself the way Kody Steele and many others have through the Texas-based promotion.

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“I’m Top 5 in grappling,” Macedo said. “I got the number one rank months ago in the featherweight division; I’m really well known in grappling." 

Macedo has seemingly conquered the world with BJJ, earning himself a place to crash at almost every country on the globe with his personality, success and reputation in the “Gentle Art.” There’s no plan of leaving BJJ altogether, but his MMA debut has been a long time coming. 

“This is how I got into Jiu Jitsu,” Macedo said. “It was because all of the kids in Brazil want to do MMA, so we do Jiu Jitsu when we train to become fighters.”

Macedo’s debut fight will take place in the featherweight division, where he’s confident he would have plenty of long-term success, but it’s bantamweight where he feels most comfortable. Where most fighters seem to be rooted deeply in their “home division,” Macedo is already anticipating a difficulty finding fights, and with good reason.

After submitting the highest-ranked grapplers on almost every continent and having triathlete level cardio, it’s easy to see why Texas bantamweights might run and hide when his name is presented.

“I have a lot of confidence in my grappling in MMA because what helps grapplers in a fight is their stamina,” Macedo said. “You have to have good stamina. In my opinion, I have a really good stamina. I’ve been training with fighters for a long time in this gym. I feel like what happens in a fight is you double-leg someone who is strong, and you’ll feel a little bit intimidated if you don’t have good stamina.”

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