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Sean Brady reacts after his submission victory over Christian Aguilera in their welterweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on August 29, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

Sean Brady Lives For A Challenge

At Fury Pro Grappling 3, Sean Brady Will Grapple With The Legendary Craig Jones And He Couldn't Be More Excited To Compete.

The formula for grappling against Craig Jones seems to be pretty simple. Book the match, fly to the event, lose quickly, take a few selfies and call it a day.

To speak in perfect Philadelphian for a moment, “that s*** won’t cut it” for UFC welterweight Sean Brady.

“I’m not coming there just to compete with him and say, ‘I made some money and I grappled with Craig Jones,’” Brady clarified. “I’m coming to beat Craig Jones.”

If an NBA player got offered some money to come try and strike out a prime Albert Pujols and lost, there wouldn’t be any heads left hanging. It would never happen in a million years so why feel too upset about it? Odds are they’re just happy they got paid to do it.

That’s the pattern Sean Brady has seen with UFC fighters competing in a grappling match with Craig Jones.

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“He’s literally the second-best grappler in the world,” Brady said. “You’re essentially expected to lose. Outside of Gordon Ryan, he’s the best grappler in the world, so I think guys just go in there like, ‘All right, I’m going to go in there and get my money. It is what it is.”

There will be plenty of respect shown should Sean Brady follow in the footsteps of seemingly everybody alive not named Mason Fowler and Gordon Ryan, but Brady will be far less okay with the loss than his fellow UFC comrades.

Losing to Craig Jones isn’t something Brady says anybody should realistically be ashamed of, but there are people who show up to have fun and people who show up to get their hand raised.

“I don’t like losing a round in the gym, so I damn sure don’t want to lose in my hometown,” Brady said. “I don’t care if it’s the best grappler in the world or who it is. I’m coming to win.”

Killer instinct or not, Brady will have one hell of a mountain to climb against Jones and he knows it. His MMA boneyard alone features names like Davi Ramos, Gilbert Burns, Jake Shields, Rousimar Palhares and many more. But Brady said there’s beauty to the position he’s in.

“The cool thing about me in this position is that I don’t have anything to lose. I’m expected to lose,” Brady laughed. “I’ve seen odds for this thing they have me as an 18-1 underdog. I can’t look bad. Anything I do is good for me. MMA grappling is a lot different than regular no-gi grappling, so I’m going to be able to throw him off with the way I am. I’m going to do a lot of things that are going to really surprise him.”

They say styles make matchups, and if that’s true, can Sean Brady’s MMA grappling lead to a rogue Jones limb or will he join the rest of the ranks as another mixed martial artist to fall to him?

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