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Tania Torres celebrates her LUX Fight League victory (photo curtesy of LUX Fight League)
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How Ballet Helped Tania Torres Find Her MMA Footing

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From black leotard to black belt, Tania Torres has seamlessly gone from dominating the world of ballet to the polar opposite world of MMA.

The LUX Fight League strawweight began her professional MMA career in late 2019. The split decision win was the last time a fight has even been close. Unanimous decisions and first-round finishes have made up the rest of Torres’ resume and as she looks to go 5-0 at LUX 015, it’s hard to imagine Torres spending her life doing anything outside of honing her MMA skills.

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It wasn’t MMA that Torres spent her formative years practicing, but Tae Kwon Do and ballet.

“In ballet, everything is complex,” Torres explained. “They talk about beauty and aesthetics with a lot of effort not to show it. You can do a two-meter-high jump and fall on tiptoe but not make any gestures.”

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Working her way up to black leotard, Torres had almost completely mastered the art when one day her brother unknowingly changed her life forever.

“My brother always bought Men’s Health magazine and years ago instead of that magazine they sent him one in which they presented Raúl Romero as the world champion of Muay Thai,” Torres said. “One of his academies was very close to my ballet academy. So we started working on Muay Thai and then they took me to debut in MMA.”

Feeling as though Muay Thai is the most complete martial art in terms of striking, Torres’ background in Tae Kwon Do and ballet made the adjustment to the new sport almost effortless.

Now 4-0 in her MMA career, Torres may still have a little ways to go in her career, but her background in swiftness, leg technique and hard work has made her an threat for strawweights around the world to watch out for.

“My problem is that I always want everything,” Torres said. “Ballet and strikes complement each other very well. Combat sports push you to do your best. Ballet teaches you what you are capable of doing with your body and gives you flexibility.”

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