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GameDay Ready Empowers The Hardest Workers In The Room

The Masterminds Behind UFC's Official Pain Reliever Discuss The Innovative Breakthrough

When it was announced last week that GameDay Ready’s new CONOCB line of products had been named the Official Pain Reliever of UFC and  UFC Performance Institute, Steve Rector, the CEO of GameDay Ready was overcome with pride and gratitude.

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“We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish being such a young company with a new product we just released to the whole world. Nothing containing Conolidine has ever been commercialized on a global scale,” says Rector.

Still, even though the product has the full endorsement of the biggest fight promotion in the world, the hard work at times feels like it has just begun.

“It’s a brand-new product so we to have educate people on what we are bringing into the market. If you think back to where CBD was 10 years ago it’s popularity is like night and day because people became educated about it. We have those same challenges with Conolidine.”

Conolidine is one of the main active ingredients in the pain-relieving line of CONOCB2 products, but in explaining the benefits, it’s more helpful to understand what Conolidine is not.

“CONOCB2 does not contain any form of CBD, period. It’s an all natural, non-cannabis, non-hemp plant based pain relief product. It is well-researched and studied by leading scientific and academic institutions. CONOCB2 is completely drug free and helps enhance your body’s natural pain fighting ability at any age.”

With the well-documented side effects that may come along with over-the-counter and prescription pain-relievers, the option of having an effective, drug-free alternative made it a no-brainer for athletes at the pinnacle of mixed martial arts.

“The UFC is committed to living at the tip of the spear in regards to athlete performance and recovery. It’s no secret that you will improve performance when you’re in less pain. Personally, CONOCB2 has allowed me to do things that I haven’t done in 15 years or more. It’s comforting to know that if the pain does return I am able to use CONOCB2 again without fear of using too much."

he pain-relieving line of CONOCB2 products

Clint Winters, creator and Chief Scientific Officer, agrees.

“When you look at UFC and really all professional sports, you’re dealing with the best athletes in the world. At that level, a one-percent improvement can be the difference between being a champion or not. One of GameDay Ready’s goals for CONOCB2 is for athletes to recover faster and come back in the next day able to train harder.”

Still, he’s quick to note what might be the most important distinction: this isn’t a product strictly for athletes.

“The partnership with UFC is incredibly valuable for us but it’s not just a sports product. CONOCB2 is for anyone who is in pain. From the hardest working athletes in the world  to the average person suffering from daily aches and pain.

Duncan French, vice president of the UFC Performance Institute, is quick to back up this point. 

“The benefits of CONOCB2 are not sacrosanct for athletes only.  Indeed, the nature of this product and its pain-relieving benefits lends itself to the treatment of pain and discomfort whatever your background.”

But French has also had a front row seat to the benefits it has for UFC athletes in particular, and why it made this partnership such a no-brainer.

“The athletes and physical therapists, who perform hundreds of hands-on treatments in a week, have reported fast-acting and beneficial effects of CONOCB2 usage.  The athletes who have applied the topical to their body areas experiencing pain, stiffness, muscle tightness, and discomfort have reported experiencing fast acting and widespread pain relief which they feel helps them endure the rigors of combat sport training. Whether it’s identified injuries that the application is being used for, or athletes using it in a more prophylactic preventative fashion, we have received very positive feedback about the products benefits.” 

“CONOCB2 was designed to empower our customers to be the hardest working people in the room! Imagine how drug free relief from CONOCB2  will help people improve  their lives,” says Winters. “The documented results and the mounting scientific data behind CONOCB2 and Conolidine is mind-blowing. There’s no longer a reason for people in pain to  suffer in silence because they are afraid of the side effects of current pain relief products. The only thing to fear is living in pain.  CONOCB2 could be life-changing for so many around the world.”