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Dillion Cox Is Ready For A Flyweight Takeover | UFC FIGHT PASS

Never One To Avoid A Scuffle, Never One To Avoid A Debate, Dillion Cox Is Ready To Introduce Himself To The LFA Flyweight Division.

One of LFA’s newest crop of future stars has a JUCO and StaleMates Street League wrestling base, a thirst for blood and a zest for ruffling feathers.

Dillion Cox is set to make his LFA debut at 27 years old. The Midwestern flyweight is ready to bring back the soul of Iowa MMA and the grit of collegiate wrestling to the cage without the small-town charm.

“I don’t care if I ruffle feathers,” Cox said. “If people are offended, we fight for a living, so let’s get in the cage and fight about it.”

Cox doesn’t indiscriminately disrespect those around him; there’s a relatively easy path to his good side, but when it comes to flyweights around the world and people who do disrespect him, all bets are off. Records aside, performance bonuses aside and promotion aside, Cox is already taking notes and foaming at the mouth over potential opponents.

“I could beat somebody in the UFC right now,” Cox said. “I got a kid that I’ve been trying to fight since we were on the regional scene and he’s in the UFC right now and I’d whoop his a**. It’s Jeff Molina. He couldn’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag. I would pound his f*****g head off the floor. I’m not just going to wrestle him to hold him, I’m going to wrestle him to beat the f*** out of him.”

With a fighting style that he believes mimics TJ Dillashaw, and an out-of-the-cage personality of Dominick Cruz, Cox is tailor-made for the spotlight.

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If you’re tied to a particular flyweight, we’d like to introduce you to your new least favorite fighter, but if you’re just a fan of action, wrestling grit and personality, Dillion Cox is right up your alley and he’s ready for a full-on 125-pound takeover.

“If you think you’re good at 125 pounds, I think I’m the best,” Cox said. “I’m not scared to say that. I think whole-heartedly I’ve come a long way in my career. I’ve made some big jumps and had some growing pains along the way. I’ve grown up a lot, I’m 27, and I haven’t even reached my prime yet. I’m ready to take it to the level it needs to be taken to.”

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