Skill Enhancement

Only through specific development over time are elite-level MMA skills acquired. The UFC Performance Institute acknowledges the critical role that skill enhancement plays in fighter development, and consequently provides the most advanced combat sport training environment in the world to specifically aid coaches and athletes in enhancing their fundamental skills.

A fully integrated performance analysis suite provides 3D-motion capture capabilities for real-time analysis and instantaneous feedback. Cutting edge touch-screen technology on wide screen display gives coaches the ultimate tool to play-back and review their athletes training activities.

To truly interrogate in-the-action standards of performance during training, the UFC Performance Institute implements the latest innovations in fight science, by utilizing cutting edge technologies to monitor striking parameters. Coaches gain complete insight into power, velocity, volume, and intensity of their fighters, and can understand technical standards accordingly. No other facility offers such a world-class environment to collect performance data and conduct in-depth analytics of the MMA athlete.