Recover & Regenerate

Recovery and regeneration is often the limiting factor in performance, and the ability to recover both physically and mentally is critical in overcoming the stresses of training and competition. The speed at which a fighter recovers ultimately determines how soon they can complete another high-intensity session and what the quality of that session will be.

We accurately measure internal response to external loads and define training stress. By testing sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system function, we have the capability to specifically tailor recovery modalities. Our ability to measure the ‘readiness’ of an athletes’ gas-exchange, hormonal, and detoxification systems indicates what windows are open to add volume or intensity to generate the greatest adaptive response from training.

With hot and cold plunge tanks, an underwater treadmill, and sauna and steam rooms, the UFC Performance Institute provides a full portfolio of methodologies so athletes can embrace the analgesic effects of hydrotherapy. In addition, a state-of-the-art cryotherapy chamber exposes the body to -240F temperatures, promoting the natural filtration system of the body to remove toxins and inflammatory properties, while a whole-body laser light therapy pod can deliver penetrating near-infrared wavelengths that improve injury, promote tissue repair, and reduce inflammation and pain.


To embrace the regenerative properties of sleep, the UFC Performance Institute utilizes nap pods that allow fighters to find sanctuary and rest between training sessions. By giving athletes the opportunity to decompress and recharge energy levels, we make sleep a crucial component of our recovery portfolio.

Performance nutrition is critical to maximizing the body’s ability to reach optimal performance levels, to refuel, and to recover following training. With on-site catering services, our Registered Dietitian creates nutritional plans for each athlete. Individual dietary assessment, evaluation, and recommendations support coaches and athletes to build structured schedules for weight making, optimizing performance, and promoting recovery.