The UFC Performance Institute delivers elite-level programs that support MMA athletes with all their development, fight preparation, and rehabilitation requirements. Programs have been created by considering every detail that contributes towards optimizing performance. Athletes can engage in any of the programs detailed below, or work with our team of experts to create truly individualized strategies using the UFC Performance Institute facility.           


Camp is critical to fight preparation, as each athlete works to sharpen their skills and optimize physical conditioning ready for competition.  Our Fight Camp Programs >


Duration: 2-4 days

Preparations for the next fight begin immediately following the last!  Utilizing a variety of effective recovery modalities, including cryotherapy, laser-light therapy, and various hydrotherapies, our Post-Fight program gives athletes a sanctuary to heal and recuperate following competition inside the octagon.  Fighters have access to our medical and Physical Therapy services to treat any injury, and each athlete is offered individual treatment strategies moving forwards.  


Duration: 1-2 weeks

Our Out of Competition program give fighters the opportunity to utilize the UFC Performance Institute as a training base. Athletes can work with their own coaches and training-partners in our state-of-the-art MMA area.  On-site catering will be directly managed by our Nutrition staff to meet your individual needs, while Strength & Conditioning Coaches develop bespoke physical training plans to support your MMA activities. Access to Physical Therapy and our recovery areas are available, and athletes are offered a comprehensive portfolio of diagnostics that will determine their optimal workloads to maximize performance. 


Duration: As directed by injury

The health and wellbeing of an athlete is central to the mission of the UFC Performance Institute. Following injury or surgical interventions, our Rehabilitation program supports athletes in returning to training and competition. Offering bespoke Physical Therapy strategies, that are supported by the latest rehabilitation tools, we provide an optimal environment in which athletes can spend time recuperating and rehabilitating themselves back to full fitness.