Elite Performance

Supporting MMA fighters to deliver winning performances is the central mission of the UFC Performance Institute. By advocating an individualized approach to performance enhancement, we implement world-leading science, innovation and technology that is unmatched in global combat sports.

Our Strength & Conditioning staff adopt a scientific approach in creating bespoke performance plans to meet the specific needs of each individual fighter. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, including integrated force plate systems, real-time velocity tracking, electromyography of muscle activity, and 3D motion capture, we have unparalleled ability to provide athletes comprehensive insight of their performance standards at any given time.


MMA demands speed of reaction and precise decision making to be successful. An overlooked component of holistic training, the UFC Performance Institute trains cognitive function such that athletes can improve reaction speeds, make better decisions, and respond with great accuracy. Training ‘above the neck’ represents an evolution in athletic performance training, and vision and reaction training are seamlessly dovetailed into a holistic approach to performance enhancement.

A unique feature to the UFC Performance Institute, our integrated hypoxic laboratory can simulate altitude training to help fighters significantly improve their endurance, speed, and recovery capabilities, as well as accelerate rehabilitation rates following injury. Cardiopulmonary testing capabilities, including 12-channel ECG, offers comprehensive understanding of respiratory and cardiac function, allowing training programs to be specifically mapped against individual cardiovascular and pulmonary thresholds. Cardiopulmonary capabilities are complemented by in-house biochemistry monitoring for complete physiological and biological profiling of every athlete.