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White Sox Dave’s Run-In With MMA Twitter Diehards

A Dustin Poirier Rabbit Hole Led To A Regrettable Tweet That Had “White Sox Dave” In The MMA Twitter Hot Seat

It was only a matter of months after becoming a fight fan that Barstool Sports’ Dave “White Sox Dave” Williams was micro canceled by the community he had freshly introduced himself to.

After reading a Robbie Fox blog about Dustin Poirier back in 2020, Williams went down a rabbit hole of Poirier’s biggest fights. With one of the most impressive kill lists in MMA history, it was hard for Williams not to get swept up in the allure of “The Diamond.” Mix the star power of his Octagon dance partners with an admittedly novice fandom of Williams, Williams’ shameless social media voice, and a brief, but hostile, feud between Poirier and UFC welterweight Colby Covington and what do you get?

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“Unless you’re knocking someone out, I don’t know technique, I don’t know strategy, I’m watching sheerly for entertainment,” Williams explained. “Dustin Poirier held a belt for a while and had all these awesome fights against these massive names and it was just kind of an assumption I made that Dustin Poirier was one of the best fighters ever and he’d kill Colby.”

Williams tweeted “Poirier would absolutely f****** kill Covington right?” earning 175 comments and not one of them complimentary.

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The unforgiving fanbase was harsh on Williams, who attempted to smooth things over by admitting his ignorance to the sport. Although he was just asking a question to confirm or reject his assumptions, the diehards swarmed.

“Twitter’s Twitter,” Williams explained. “I have, like, 80-something thousand followers on Twitter. If I say something stupid, maybe 20 will respond and the rest just don’t care. It’s always the loud minority that chirps. The people that are the loudest are usually the most insecure, so no, it doesn’t deter me. I could say I just walked the dog and I’ll have people chirping at me. People are just loud and obnoxious on the internet, so no, I’ll keep doing my thing like normal.”

It’s not the first and far from the last time Williams has ruffled feathers on social media, but “White Sox Dave” isn’t a man who’s easily scared off from sharing his thoughts or opinions.

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Since posting the controversial tweet earlier this year, Colby Covington is 1-0 with a win over Jorge Masvidal and Poirier has been gearing up for a potentially career-defining fight against Michael Chandler at UFC 281 on November 12.

Can Poirier make good on Williams’ confidence? Not necessarily with a win over Chandler, but it’d sure help. Win, lose or draw, he’ll be tuning in.

“I’ve spent probably 500 bucks on pay-per-views and there’s not a single one I was mad or thought I burnt 75 bucks on, so I’ll be getting both of them,” Williams said. “I can’t wait. As a novice fan, I have told so many people that don’t follow the sport, ‘You don’t understand how entertaining this sport is. It could be a random card on a Saturday night, and you’ve never heard of any of these people and you’ll be entertained for four or five straight hours.’”

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