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Welterweight Gold Within Lawler's Reach

UFC 181: Robbie Lawler Looking to Complete Resurgence with Welterweight Gold
By: Duane Finley, Bleacher Report

"Robbie Lawler's journey through mixed martial arts has been nothing short of compelling and is a tale told in two parts. The opening chapters were filled with both success and failure—great expectations and letdowns—while the second half that is currently being written has a narrative of redemption fit for a Hollywood portrayal of a prize fighter.
"As the saying goes, 'Everyone loves a comeback story,' and Ruthless has battled back from the brink of obscurity to become one of the most dominant forces in what is arguably the most talent-stacked division under the UFC banner. Simply put: Lawler isn't the type to squander second chances, and his work inside the Octagon over the past two years is proof to solidify that notion.
"Since making his return to the UFC in early 2013, the American Top Team standout has won five of his six showings inside the cage, notching one impressive performance after another. Over this stretch, the storied knockout artist has not only returned to form but surpassed previous expectations as he's battered a collection of top-ranked opponents en route to becoming a title contender."
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