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Weidman Pissed Off At Belfort

Chris Weidman ‘pissed off’ at ‘mental midget’ Vitor Belfort’s response to UFC 184 injury
By: Shaun Al-Shatti, MMA Fighting

"This year's endless parade of injuries found itself another high-profile target this past weekend, as middleweight champion Chris Weidman withdrew from his UFC 184 title defense against Vitor Belfort less than a month out from fight night, marking the third time that same match-up failed to come to fruition. The culprit this time around was a fluke injury Weidman sustained during wrestling practice that left him with fractured cartilage in his ribs and effectively unable to move.
"A disappointed and frustrated Weidman appeared on Monday's edition of The MMA Hour to elaborate on the injury, revealing that UFC doctors made the call to remove him from the fight and that a six-to-eight week recovery timetable with a return date in either April or May is his most realistic option. Weidman said that he almost felt like he was 'paralyzed' when the injury first occurred hitting a switch that he's hit 'about one-million times in my life' at his alma matter Hofstra University, and expressed deep remorse to fans who felt burned by the bout's third cancellation.
"But the same can't be said about Weidman's feelings towards Belfort after the Brazilian released a stinging statement Sunday explaining why he refused to fight Lyoto Machida for an interim title and casting stones at Weidman's injuries."
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