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Victoria Anthony Looks To Capitalize On Rare Opportunity | UFC FIGHT PASS

Elite Wrestler Is On The Verge Of Earning The Honor Of Most Ducked Fighter In Amateur MMA. Thankfully, Fury FC Offered Her A Short Notice Opportunity To Return To Action

Every now and then, an inconvenient opportunity comes about with seemingly more downside than upside. For Fury FC’s Victoria Anthony, these are the type of openings that are likely going to become very common for the foreseeable future.

Amateur atomweight Victoria Anthony has been putting as much work into finding a fight as she has training for one the past six months.

Anthony made a name for herself in freestyle wrestling, where she bagged herself an abundance of success in the sport that took her to the pinnacle of sports, the Olympic games. From the US to Canada, to Tokyo and everywhere else on the map, Anthony’s skills on the mat have taken her far.

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“I have been an alternate for the Olympic team twice,” Anthony explained. “Two-time alternate in the 2016 and 2021 games. I attended Tokyo but didn’t compete, I’m two-time junior world champion, two-time World US world team member, two-time US Open champion. Actually, one of the coolest things is that I am the first four-time women’s college national champion.”

It’s precisely this elite wrestling acumen that Anthony has used to scare away “testing the waters” atomweight prospects since her first fight. The process has become such a problem that even with the enlistment of family, scouring the country for a fight remains a tall task.

“We’ve contacted every amateur promotion,” Anthony laughed. “I’m DMing them, my dad is DMing them. Everyone on the list and nothing has come to fruition. I would say at least 15 opponents had to have said no at this point, is my guess. My last fight was in February at the IMMAFs and so far I have only been able to get fights in Europe.”

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While finding fights the traditional way hasn’t panned out for the Sunkist wrestler, there’s always going to be hope in short notice substitutions. Of course, having time to prepare is the preferred method for literally any job on the planet, but when you’ve made a name for yourself in combat sports the way Anthony has and you keep your weight as low as Anthony does, you’re forced to make the most of any opportunity.

“I am always ready,” Anthony said. “I can always make weight. I am a very true 105 pounder; I woke up this morning at 113 pounds so that’s not an issue. I’m always in shape. I’m always training and I’m really, really grateful that this opportunity was provided.”

As much credit as fans may give Anthony for stepping up on four days’ notice, the 32-year-old acknowledges that most opponents would rather cancel the fight than take her on. Anthony plans to inflict as much harm as she can between the horns but, for the time being, it’s all props for giving her a chance to get back into the cage.

“Honestly, I am grateful for her,” Anthony said of her opponent, Dania Cruz. “I’m very grateful to her and her team for allowing the opportunity to happen for me. That’s really all I have to say. I’m excited to fight. I’m excited to get in there with her. I know she’s a game opponent. It’ll be fun. Like I said, I have been trying to get a fight for I don’t know how long, and these opportunities don’t seem to come that often on the amateur side currently, so I’m grateful.”

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