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UFC Adrenaline by Venum FIGHT WEEK gear available to fans around the globe at
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Venum’s Adrenaline Fight Week Collection Is Changing The Game For Our Athletes

Wear The Same Gear UFC Fighters Wear In The Days Leading Up To Their Big Fights

A UFC fighter will never forget their first Venum fight week kit. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a symbol that after all the hard work, and all the blood, sweat and tears, you’ve arrived in the big show.


As soon as athletes check into the host hotel, they receive a bag packed with the UFC-branded Venum gear that will take them through photo shoots, media day, final workouts and weigh-ins as they prepare for their night in the spotlight.

“It just reminds me that this is a huge business and we're professionals,” said UFC featherweight Billy Quarantillo. “You don't look at the NFL and they're all wearing their own stuff and their own sponsors. We're in the big leagues, and you have to wear uniforms. It looks way more professional now. And that's something that I'll never take for granted.”

Order The Venum Fight Week Collection

Formerly just presented to UFC athletes for fight week, Venum has now made the UFC Adrenaline by Venum FIGHT WEEK gear available to fans around the globe at, and while the look will turn heads, the quality and performance of the gear will get anyone ready for the gym, the field, the court or the Octagon.

“Receiving your UFC kit, it's always such a treat,” said South African prospect Cameron Saaiman, who can pack light when he comes to the States to compete. “That's something that I really think of, like I pack for that when we come here because I know we're going to get it. (Laughs) The quality is insane.”

How good is it? Rising heavyweight star Mick Parkin doesn’t want to take the gear off when he goes back home to England.

“Getting the first backpack and so much clothes, and then you get a new bag every time, so I'm fully kit out in UFC stuff now; it's all I wear,” said Parkin. “I never buy clothes myself anyway, but I've got so much UFC stuff, and sometimes I'll come in a full track suit and my coach is like ‘Oh, look at you.’ But then he looks down and he’s like, ‘Oh, I've got the UFC track on, as well,’ because he’s constantly wearing them, as well. But the stuff is amazing.”

And sized to fit everyone from heavyweights like Parkin to a young lady who has been known to switch from the flyweight to the strawweight division, Amanda Ribas. Strangely enough, though, Ribas liked her first bag of Venum gear so much that she didn’t want to use it.

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“It's funny, because in the beginning when I got my first bag of Venum, I didn't want to use it,” she laughs. “I was going to the gym with my bad bag and my mom said, ‘Amanda, please use the other one.’ ‘But this is my first one.’”

Eventually, Ribas was convinced to break in her gear, and she hasn’t looked back. In fact, when she wears it on fight week, it’s her reminder that she’s in the UFC and among the best in the world.

“I feel like the Yellow Power Ranger,” Ribas laughs. “It is really special because Venum is a traditional brand for the fighters, and when I put mine on, I'm like, yes, it's my warrior clothes.”

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