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Velasquez Ready to Dominate in Mexico City

Cain Velasquez's trainer Javier Mendez: Fabricio Werdum 'has no chance'
By: Dave Meltzer, MMA Fighting

"Few would argue that Cain Velasquez is the most talented all-around heavyweight in UFC history. But, in large part due to injuries, he's missing a big enough body of work to not be called an all-time great.
"After shoulder and knee surgeries, Velasquez is scheduled to step back into the cage for the first time in 20 months and defend his heavyweight title against Fabricio Werdum in Mexico City in the main event of UFC 188 on June 13. It's UFC's second attempt to headline Mexico City with Velasquez, and it's the second straight sellout at the 21,000-seat Arena Ciudad.
"Velasquez's parents were born in Mexico, and for years he's been the company's biggest star in that country. But fighting in Mexico City presents a unique challenge. Velasquez's success and reputation has been built on being not just the best conditioned heavyweight perhaps ever in MMA history, but a man who Herschel Walker -- who himself has been around big athletes in football, track, MMA, martial arts and even bobsled racing -- called the best conditioned man of his size that he'd ever seen."
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