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USA Dominating the Fight World

By: Tom Taylor, FIGHTLAND

"The USA may soon enter a new era of dominance, and it all hinges on the performance of Chad Mendes, who challenges Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title at UFC 179.
"Hold off on the celebratory Budweiser and apple pie, though, my American friends. The task ahead of Mendes is stark. Aldo, who owns a 24-1 record (with 14 knockout wins) and has not lost in nearly 10 years, will be reluctant to relinquish his crown. If Mendes can score an upset victory over the long-time Brazilian champ, however, every current UFC champion will hail from the United States. In an era where elite fighters emerge from all corners of the globe, hat’s a lofty accomplishment for any nation. Two years ago, to suggest such an outcome might occur would probably have garnered incredulous laughter. Let’s take a quick jaunt down memory lane.
"It wasn’t long ago that we were neck deep in the dominant reigns of Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva. Sure, both faced their share of close shaves (In Silva’s case, there was the first Sonnen fight, and in St-Pierre’s there was that near fight-ending head-kick from Carlos Condit), but neither man appeared to be willing to give up their respective belts. Even Renan Barao, who became the undisputed bantamweight champ when Dominick Cruz was stripped of that title, seemed unlikely to relinquish his belt. But things change. And in MMA, they can change quickly."
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