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The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 4: Episode 3 Recap


Following last week's final elimination bouts and team selections, the members of Team Anderson and Team Shogun are brought to the Ultimate Fighter house in Las Vegas, kicking off a life-altering six weeks for the 16 competitors.

Team Anderson is the first squad in the gym, greeted by their coach, the legendary former middleweight champion, and later that first day, the equally revered Shogun Rua greets his team in the UFC Training Center and gets down to business.

"Whenever you fight, do it for your family and your team," Shogun said. "Fight for us."

With the first day of training in the books, the competitors actually get a night out at the Red Rock Casino, accompanied by the young ladies participating in the Octagon Girl competition.

The next morning, Silva pays a visit to his team in the TUF house while Shogun gets his charge Matheus Nicolau ready for his fight against Reginaldo Vieira, and then it's Vieira to get personal attention from "The Spider" to prepare for his important battle.

Yet later in that session, coach Silva gets a call that will change everything, as he is told that he failed drug tests surrounding his UFC 183 bout against Nick Diaz.

"I never took anything like that," said an incredulous Silva. "No way. Are you crazy?"

Silva is determined to keep his team focused during this stressful time, and the first TUF Brazil challenge is the next order of business, as the fighters compete to guide a ball through a maze using ropes.

"It's not about strength," said Silva. "It's about wit and dexterity."

The winning team gets to go to Mt. Charleston to see snow - perhaps for the first time, and that winning team is Team Shogun.

After Nicolau and Vieira weigh in for their bantamweight bout, Silva addresses his team about the failed drug test, letting them know that the Nevada State Athletic Commission requested that he step down as coach. Entering the competition as coach of the blue team will be the Nogueira brothers, Rodrigo and Rogerio.

"You cannot allow anything to strip this away from you," an emotional Silva said to his stunned team. "Maintain your focus while you're here. You can change your life in seconds while you're here."

Silva's goodbye to his squad is a tear-filled one, and after UFC President Dana White addresses the teams, the new coaches are introduced.

"Everything will come into place," said Silva as he left the gym. "Time is in God's hands."

In this episode's fight, it was a hard-fought battle between Nicolau and Vieira that went to the third sudden victory round. In that round, Nicolau took it 10-9, giving Team Shogun the first victory of the competition.

Team Nogueira wasn't happy with the final verdict, but the the decision stood, and in the next fight, at lightweight, Andre "Dede" Ricardo of Team Nogueira faces Nazareno "El Tigre" Malegarie of Team Shogun.