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The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 4: Episode 2 Recap

Read on to find out which remaining Brazilian fighters made it into the house!

We continue the preliminary rounds with 16 more fighters that want to make it into the TUF house. You know the drill, let’s get right to it.

Matheus “Adamas” Mattos vs. Marcos Lima

Mattos comes out swinging. He may not be accurate, but he does find a home for his overhand right hand. Mattos backs Lima up and shoots for a takedown. Lima survives to make it to the second round, but Mattos’s power is too much. He overwhelms Lima and grabs his spot in the house.

Adilson Fernandes vs. Arlen Viana

Fernandes is the early favorite for nickname of the year with “Jack Godzilla.” The two trade kicks and Viana moves for the early takedown. He fails, and Fernandes starts attacking from top position. Viana stays active off his back and attempts an armbar. Fernandes powers through and unloads some ground and pound as the round ends. As the second round begins, Fernandes quickly brings the fight to the ground and advances. He positions for an arm triangle choke and secures the tap out.

Reginaldo Vieira vs. Peter Montibeller

Vieira is the aggressor and doesn’t take his foot off the gas pedal. He finds the mark with his right hand, and drives through for the takedown. Montibeller fights it off initially, but soon finds himself on his back. Vieira moves to side mount, and Montibeller tries to get back to his feet. He leaves his neck exposed, however, and Vieira jumps on the chance. He reaches for the guillotine choke and earns the submission win.

Fernando Bruno vs. Bruno Murata

It’s the battle of Bruno’s in the lightweight division. They clinch quickly and Murata eats a huge right cross. He stumbles, but manages to survive. Fernando Bruno continues his onslaught and finishes a single leg takedown. Murata as some early success in the second round, but we later learn that he broke his hand. This limits his offense and Fernando Bruno works his way to a rear naked choke win.

Eduardo Diez vs. Giovanni “Soldado” Santos

Soldado isn’t the most technical fighter, but he makes up for it in tenacity. Eduardo wants to use his kicks, but Gionvanni bull rushes right through them. Eduardo finds the mark with some of his strikes, but Giovanni bullies him around the Octagon. Once the second round comes, Giovanni finally holds Eduardo down and takes the decision.

Alexandre Cidade vs. Nikolas Motta

Motta showcases his Muay Thai skills and it appears like he’ll cruise to victory. Even Anderson Silva comments that Cidade looks worn out. Surprisingly, Cidade comes back in the second round and controls it with his wrestling. As we go to the third, fatigue finally takes its toll on Cidade. Motta defends the double leg, counter strikes and even lands a takedown of his own to pick up the decision win.

Leandro “Pitbull” Higo vs. Maycon Silvan

One of the approximately 1.8 million Brazilian fighters nicknamed “Pitbull,” Higo wastes no time dismantling Silvan. He scores the takedown, passes guard and finishes the fight via arm triangle.

Andre “Dede” Ricardo vs. Jeferson “Batata” Negrini

The final prelim fight has special significance for Anderson Silva since Dede is one of his students. Negrini reaches for the takedown early and has some success, but he can’t seem to keep it on the mat. As the second round begins, Dede still looks tense and allows himself to get pushed up against the fence. He eventually finds his groove and starts to connect with his jab. Negrini reaches for another takedown, but eats some knees and punches for his troubles. As Dede stalks his opponent, he connects with a push kick directly to the ribs. Negrini collapses and the ref waves it off.

We move directly to the team selection. Shogun wins the toss and has the option to choose the first fighter or first fight. He elects for the latter and Anderson Silva kicks things off by picking his friend Dede. The rest of the selections are as follows:

Team Silva

Matheus Mattos
Leandro Higo
Reginaldo Vieira
Bruno Silva

Dede Ricardo
Nikolas Motta
Erick da Silva
Fernando Bruno

Matheus Nicolau
Bruno Korea
Giovanni Soldado
Dileno Lopez

Nazareno Malegarie
Glaico Franca
Joaquin Silva
“Jack Godzilla” Fernandos

Shogun then chooses the fight and it will be Matheus Nicolau vs. Reginaldo Vieira. We wrap up with a sneak preview of the rest of the season. Does Team Shogun run the table? Can Anderson Silva overcome all his other distractions? Will Jack Godzilla come out with a line of novelty T-shirts? Find out this and more next week on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil!
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