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UFC Partners with UPshow and Joe Hand Promotions to Offer Streaming Packages for Bars and Restaurants

The Partnership Will Offer Streaming Packages for Bars and Restaurants Enhanced Dine-in Experience With Live UFC Pay-Per-View Events, Sports Highlights, Trivia, and More

UFC®, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today announced a partnership with UPshow, the leading in-venue entertainment and marketing platform, to deliver in-venue, streaming sports entertainment packages to retail and hospitality businesses across the United States for UFC Pay-Per-View events.  The effort will be managed through Joe Hand Promotions, the leading provider of live content to bars, restaurants, and other public viewing venues.

“As technology advances, it is important for UFC content to remain easily accessible,” said Adam Layton, Vice President of International and Content, UFC.  “OTT is becoming increasingly popular and we’re excited to partner with both UPshow and Joe Hand Promotions to market to a strategically important segment of our audience, commercial establishments.”

Through this partnership, UPshow and Joe Hand Promotions will offer U.S. customers exclusive packages with the option to directly stream marquee UFC events through UPshow’s platform. These packages were designed with sports bars in mind by ensuring venues achieve optimum engagement and create exciting entertainment experiences that keep customers coming back.

Packages start at $99 and include live UFC Pay-Per-View purchase options, commercial space to promote menu items and upcoming events, relevant sports highlights, trivia, an interactive social media wall, video channels, and sports books.  For more information, please visit

“Streaming has exploded in the at-home space and UPshow is now helping businesses take advantage of the most relevant and trending content on TVs inside their venues,” said Adam Hirsen, CEO, UPshow. “Given that streaming top content is a big initiative at UPshow, partnering with UFC and Joe Hand Promotions was a natural next step. Aligning our brands will drive even more over-the-top entertainment experiences to consumers all over the world. We’re incredibly honored to be working with two remarkable organizations that are leading in entertainment and content.”

As the largest pay-per-view event provider in the world, UFC has emerged as one of the most prolific sports entertainment brands, boasting 40+ live events a year.  Events produced by UFC draw customers to TVs in-home and in-venue, providing a unique group entertainment experience.

Joe Hand Promotions, the leading provider of live content to bars, restaurants, and other public viewing venues, has been bringing fan communities together to watch the best sports entertainment for nearly 50 years. Their 20-year partnership with UFC allows them to distribute UFC pay-per-view events (as well as other sports content) to thousands of commercial venues across the U.S.

“As sports bars and restaurants look for new ways to attract customers into their establishments, UPshow offers unique streaming content that engages customers and keeps them interested through sports highlights, sports betting odds, trivia, limited and upcoming menu offerings,” said Joe Hand, Jr., President, Joe Hand Promotions. “We’re excited to partner with UPshow and UFC and make this terrific content available to our bar and restaurant partners.”