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UFC Store Brings The Heat With Heavy Bags and Stands

Learn More About UFC's Heavy Bags At The UFC Store

We are prepared to find you the best equipment tailored for your personal health and wellness goals. The UFC heavy bags come in various sizes, weights and styles to fit any customers’ training requirements.

Made of high-quality, durable materials, these heavy bags are set to UFC standards and are designed by experts with many years of fighting experience who have gone through extensive research to ensure the bags feature innovative technology at the highest quality.

Whether you are looking to get in better shape or develop skills in a specific martial arts discipline, there will be a bag that fits your needs.

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The standard or traditional heavy bag are typically seen in most fitness gym’s and boxing clubs, hanging from the ceiling or a stand. Usually four to five feet in length, filled with sand and cotton batting, these bags are designed to handle powerful strikes and develop your footwork from its swinging ability.

MMA heavy bags are like the traditional but are thinner and longer and often come with a hollow core filled with water surrounded by padding. The water core makes the bag softer, which allows MMA fighters to use fight regulation sized gloves (4-ounces) without the fear of injury.

Weights of heavy bags come in 70 and 80 pounds on When picking out what size bag to purchase, pick one that’s roughly half your body weight. If you would like to purchase a heavier bag, then be aware that it will offer more resistance and be more difficult to move and swing. If you would like to train your speed and accuracy, you can also purchase a 12-pound speed bag.

When purchasing a heavy bag, you will have the option between leather or synthetic. Leather bags are the more traditional option, being more comfortable and durable for fighters. If you want to save on cost while being provided with a similar feel, then synthetic is the choice for you. Synthetic bags are also more resistant to mildew or mold in humid spaces.

Stands come in either a single or dual station. A single station is one sided, allowing you to hang a single heavy bag. A dual station allows you to hang a heavy bag on one side and a speed bag on the other.

When purchasing a stand, keep in mind that the stand weight limit needs to be the same or heavier than the weight of the heavy bag itself. Some stands will come with a weighted base, in the form of weight pegs, which helps keep the stand securely in place and stable while you’re striking the bag.

UFC Store provides its customers with high-quality products and excellent service, offering a 60-day warranty and flexible return policies, ensuring you’ll receive exceptional punching bags designed just for you.