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UFC Seeking College Reps

Just like the way our fighters constantly add new training partners to
become their very best, here at the Ultimate Fighting Championship
we’re always seeking out new talent to help us grow. Our team full of
champion workers has fought relentlessly to break into the sports world
with undeniable success – but the fight isn’t over yet. If you would
like to watch the sport you love grow because of your hard work, join our great team and become part of a sports revolution.

UFC magazine is looking for outgoing, motivated college students who are tapped into life on campus – online and off -- to help spread the word about UFC.

randy couture cover ufc mag color correctedTalk about a cool gig - working as a college rep gives you access to the inside world of UFC, plus it can't hurt your resume to have experience with one of the fastest-growing brands in the world.

As a part of the UFC College Rep Program, you'll help introduce your peers to the UFC magazine, promote the UFC name, features, products, lifestyle and -- of course -- encourage readers and viewers. As a UFC College Rep, you are expected to be a true brand ambassador. By building your own network of fans on campus, you’ll become the “campus gateway” to the UFC. You will be the first to know of upcoming UFC features, while also occasionally receiving merchandise and invitations to exclusive events. Utilizing word of mouth marketing and social media tools, you’ll share the wealth with your peers.

ufc mag new issue rampageYou will also have the opportunity to:
• Promote and execute UFC events, from magazine launches to TUF tryouts to viewing parties.
• Be our "eyes and ears of the Octagon" on your campus, reporting on trends, attitudes, what's in vs. what's out.
• Volunteer at UFC events. You might even be able to host your own on-campus viewing party!
•  Work with us to create a marketing plan for UFC on your campus.
• Receive monthly mailings, casting call information, newsletters and reports from inside the Octagon.

Ready to apply? Shoot us an email at Tell us in 250 words or less why you'd be the best rep for your campus. Remember to include your name, school, age, year of graduation, and links to facebook or twitter accounts with your response.