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UFC PICKS officially revealed in UK and Ireland

UFC PICKS officially revealed with Free to Play Pick’em contests, live match in-play betting and private custom contest creation amongst friends

UFC PICKS officially revealed with Free to Play Pick’em contests, live match in-play betting and private custom contest creation amongst friends

UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today revealed its new partnership with Low6 Limited, a Sports Gamification Technology company responsible for developing the much-anticipated UFC PICKS app. UFC PICKS brings a new second screen experience that puts the fan at the center of the action. 

UFC PICKS app will be available on iOS and Android in the UK and Ireland. It is a must download for every UFC fan - granting exclusive access to our FREE to play £5000.00 Pick’em contest for every major UFC event this year. One of the most exciting features introduced to UFC fans allows friends to pit their knowledge against each other, creating custom tournaments consisting of events and questions of their choice, such as: Who will have the most body strikes?; Will there be a successful takedown this round?; Will the current round end in a TKO?.

Fans will experience engaging gameplay through the massive jackpot UFC PICKS contests and LIVE betting offerings. IMG Arena’s UFC statistics are integrated on the leaderboards that animate every strike of the bout and truly becomes a second screen experience all UFC fans are seeking. UFC fans will also be introduced to a first-class real-time statistics fight visualization which informs and provides fans with more stats then they ever imagined.

“The partnership with Low6 and the launch of UFC PICKS will offer a new, unique and exciting way for our fanbase to interact with each other during UFC events,” commented Nicholas Smith, UFC Vice President Global Partnerships. “At a time where connecting with others is more important than ever, we are looking forward to launching UFC PICKS this December as we close the end of the year with some incredible UFC events.”

Wayne Stevenson, CEO Europe and Co-Founder of Low6 stated: “This is one of the most exciting partnership deals Low6 has completed. The UFC are undoubtably one of the most sought-after partners in world sport so this is fantastic for Low6. We are using the IMG Arena UFC data feed to provide the best possible experience to Low6 customers which means the UFC Picks app will be best in class. I’d like to thank everyone involved at the UFC and Low6 in getting this partnership completed”.

The UFC PICKS concept was spawned by Jamie Mitchell, CEO USA and Low6 Co-Founder: “ I was seeking a UFC specific, online betting platform for my mates and I to bet against each other. We couldn’t find anything that included the social aspect of betting against your friends. What happened that night, changed everything. We built our own UFC PICKS, right there on the living room table. Everyone selecting which fighters to win – Winner Takes All! Never before has there been a fan app built directly for the appetite of UFC’s fanbase. UFC PICKS is social by nature, easy to play, and best of all its free to play!”

Josh Turk, Chief Marketing Officer of Low6 added; “UFC PICKS is uniquely designed to engage the everyday UFC fan – no complex odds, no confusing betting terminology, no betting slips. Instead, UFC PICKS pits fans against each other, rather than versus the bookie. Simply submit your answers to a series of event questions and earn points for each outcome you predicted correctly. Plus, there’s guaranteed winner(s) for every contest, where lucky fans will walk away with instant cash prizes.”

While Low6 finalizes production of the new UFC PICKS app, fans will have the opportunity to sign-up now for early access. Please visit