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A General Image Of The UFC Performance Institute
UFC Performance Institute

UFC PI Publishes Pivotal Follow Up To Groundbreaking MMA Study

A Cross-Sectional Performance Analysis and Projection of the UFC Athlete, Vol 2.

Three years after releasing the first-ever comprehensive study of the sport of MMA entitled A Cross-Sectional Performance Analysis and Projection of the UFC Athlete, the UFC Performance Institute is publishing the second volume of this landmark resource.

Volume 2 represents the most comprehensive and contemporary resource ever produced for the sport of MMA.  It features a valuable collection of insights and data that the UFC PI team has been gathering since the publication of the first edition in 2018, including the most cutting-edge and impactful methodologies to influence MMA athletes in all aspects of their health, well-being, and performance.

With over 480 pages of content comprising five parts, 90 individual sections, and contributions from 28 individual world-class experts from the UFC Performance Institute, Volume 2 has four times the amount of information as Volume 1. 

Full Copy of Vol 2 Available For Download

Part analytics and part educational, Volume 2 represents four years of findings from working with world-class UFC fighters.  Since opening its doors to the UFC roster in 2017, the UFC PI has supported over 600 individual fighters in all facets of their fight preparation, from physical conditioning and medical services, to diet, nutrition, psychology, and overall health and wellbeing.

Volume 2 also introduces technical and tactical considerations for MMA thanks to a full-time team of MMA coaches working with UFC prospects in China at the UFC Performance Institute Shanghai and the UFC Academy.

A general view of the UFC Performance Institute
A general view of the UFC Performance Institute

All these respective components have been brought together to provide a truly interdisciplinary resource that addresses every consideration when competing in MMA.

“We were initially surprised as to how well our first journal was received,” said Dr. Duncan French, Vice President of Performance, UFC Performance Institute. “But when we understood just how valuable the resource was to the global combat sports community, we aspired to create something even more comprehensive-- a one-stop resource that athletes and coaches can reference at any moment in time.  We honestly believe there is nothing like this out there, and the collective expertise of every member of the UFC Performance Institute team has been poured into Volume 2.  We are very excited to share all our philosophies and ideas with the world.”