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UFC partners with CSG Taiwan Ltd. to launch first-ever UFC force tracker


Las Vegas and Taiwan – UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, today announced a new multi-year licensing agreement with CSG Taiwan Limited. The partnership, negotiated by IMG, grants CSG the rights to manufacture and distribute the UFC Force Tracker product globally.

“We are excited to partner with UFC to bring the Force Tracker product and Xforce Tracker App to UFC fans globally,” said Eric Liu, Managing Director of CSG Taiwan Ltd. “This motivational product will encourage both fitness fans and MMA athletes to train more efficiently as users can see the impact recording for each punch and kick.”

The UFC Force Tracker is a Bluetooth enabled smart device that records an individual’s speed, power and endurance when training with a heavy or free-standing punching bag. The device connects with the Xforce Tracker mobile app for iOS and Android devices to record and store the user’s progress. The mobile app also allows users to compare training statistics with others via the global online leaderboard.

The device conveniently adheres to the bottom of a heavy bag or the top of a free-standing punching bag. The UFC Force Tracker is now available on in the United States, and various online and retail distributors in Europe and Asia.

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