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UFC Moscow Final Results


Who were the winners at UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Oleinik? Click below to get the results for all the fights at Olimpiyskiy Arena in Moscow, Russia on Saturday, September 15th, 2018.

Hunt vs Oleinik | Blachowicz vs Krylov | Arlovski vs Abdurakhimov | Kunchenko vs Alves | Murtazaliev vs Dollaway | Yan vs Soo Son | Khabilov vs Johnson | Taisumov vs Green | Ankalaev vs Prachnio | Yandiev vs Johnson | Emeev vs Sekulic| Dvalishvili vs Ware
UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Oleinik main card

Action starts at 2 pm ET on UFC Fight Pass

Main event: Mark Hunt vs Aleksei Oleinik

All respect. #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

Here we go! Hunt strikes first with a big overhand right. Hunt stuffs Oleinik’s first take down attempt. He caught Oleinik with a straight cross that hurt the Boa Constrictor. But then Oleinik fired right back hitting Hunt with a left. It looked like Hunt was hurt and Oleinik knew it, started chasing him and got the Super Samoan to the ground and that was the beginning of the end. The submission specialist worked his way to Hunt’s back and sunk in the rear naked.

Official Result: Aleksei Oleinik defeated Mark Hunt by submission via rear naked choke.

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Co-main: Jan Blachowicz vs Nikita Krylov

GETS THE FINISH!@JanBlachowicz makes it four straight! #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

The co-main event starts with a big swing and takedown by Krylov. After some ground and pound, as well as a near guillotine attempt from Krylov, Blachowicz stands up and puts Krylov down. Blachowicz manages to work his way into side control and grind out the remainder of the round.

Blachowicz starts the round of with a nice takedown and works right into side control. After some ground and pound he is finally able to take the back of Krylov and sink in a D’Arce choke. Wow.

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Andrei Arlovski vs Shamil Abdurakhimov

BY UNANIMOUS DECISION... @Shamilabrek! #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

The big boys are out to play and Abdurakhimov starts off the fight with a stiff arm slam of Arlovski at just over a minute into the fight. Abdurakhimov jumps on top and works a little bit but the two heavyweights are stood up. Arlovski with some good shots and the round ends with the fighters in the clinch.

Abdurakhimov opens the second with a good shot that sends Arlovski to the ground. He jumps on top and lands some good short punches before Arlovski is able to use the cae as leverage and get back to his feet. Then it is Arlovski who trips Abdurakhimov to the ground but Shamil quickly gets to his feet. After an extended time in the clinch, Arlovski uses that trip again and gets a takedown, this time keeping Abdurakhimov on the ground until the round ended.

Arlovski connects on a big right and moments later Abdurakhimov lands a straight shot to the gut of the former heavyweight champ. Weird sequence taking place as Arlovski takes a knee to the groin then gets poked in the eye. Final minute in the fight nearly lasted a whole round.

Official Result: Shail Abdurakhimov (30-27, 29-28, 30-27) defeated Andrei Arlovski by unanimous decision.

Shamil Abdurakhimov : “I was preparing for 3 rounds. Arlovski is a very experienced fighter, I felt the weight of this great responsibility before the UFC fans in Russia. I wanted to end the fight with a submission, it didn’t happen, but I still won. Hope the next time I will have even more serious opponent. I was training my boxing technique a lot but Andrei has put a lot of pressure on my hands on the ground, so I didn’t deliver the boxing part as I wanted. Thanks to everyone who came here to support me! UFC is the greatest promotion ever, and I want to inspire all the young people to train a lot and get here!”

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Aleksey Kunchenko vs Thiago Alves


Who do you want next for Kunchenko? #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

The two welterweights felt each other out for the first round with neither dealing much damage. Both fighters active, especially with their kicks.

Good exchange from Alves and Kunchenko to start the second, both landing simultaneous leg kicks. Kunchenko with a good right hook. Alves has really focused on the legs of Kunchenko, his legs are starting to show some visible redness. Good body kick from Alves. Kunchenko applying the pressure in this round but Alves keeps using his kicks to create distance. A large bump is showing on the left shin of Alves. Kunchenko landed some of his best shots in the last 25 seconds of that round, catching Alves with a straight cross as he went for a kick. Good round from both fighters.

Kunchenko pushing the pace here at the start of round three, he’s starting to find a little success striking but it’s the kicks of Alves that are playing a big factor in this fight. Kunchenko is letting his hands go now, landing a clean cross to finish his combo. Alves fires back with a hook and kick to the body. With just over a minute and a half in the fight Alves hit Kunchenko with a kick to the body but Kunchenko caught it and landed a couple punches before tripping Alves. Kunchenko secured a takedown but Alves stood right back up only to be greeted by a flurry of punches from Kunchenko. Very good fight.

Official Result: Aleskey Kunchenko (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) defeated Thiago Alves by unanimous decision.

Alexey Kunchenko : “I am happy to fight at the first UFC event in Russia. This is my debut, and right away I had to face a very serious opponent. It is a such a blessing to fight for UFC. I studied my enemy. Nothing has radically changed in the Octagon, but they came up with a new tactic for me - aiming for the front kick. I broke his code and counterattacked. It will take a week to recover, and then I’ll get back to training towards new victories.”

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UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Oleinik UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Action starts at 10:45 am ET

Khalid Murtazaliev vs CB Dollaway

Welcome to the UFC, Murtazaliev. #UFCMoscow!
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

Dolloway gets a takedown to start this one and after both fighters scramble on the ground for a bit, they are back on their feet. A big body kick from Murtazaliev appeared to hurt Dollaway and he pressed forward until he was able to take Dollaway to the canvas. Dollaway attempted a guillotine but Murtazaliev slipped out. Dolloway was able to nearly escape three times but Murtazaliev was persistent and never let him get away. Good ground and pound from Murtazaliev to end the first.

Dollaway strikes first in the second, hitting Murtazaliev with a nice body kick and then slammed him to the ground. Dolloway maneuvered into a full-mount before taking Murtazaliev’s back. After a lengthy choke attempt, Murtazaliev was able to wiggle away and get a full mount of his own. Pushed up against the fence Dolloway worked his way to his feet only to be put right back down to the canvas. Murtazaliev spends the final minutes of the fight destroying Dolloway with huge shots.

Official Result: Khalid Murtazaliev defeated CB Dollaway by TKO.

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Petr Yan vs Jin Soo Son

2️-0️ in the Octagon!@PetrYanUFC #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

The fight starts with chants of Petr coming from the crowd. Yan starts off the fight with two nice body kicks but Son shakes his head like nothing happened. Son is loving this, big smiles as the two exchange. Both fighters striking effectively, with both fighters standing in the clinch and throwing shots. Great first round.

Yan connects with a good right hook than follows it up with more big shots as Son covers up without backing down. Son standing right in there with Yan, landing some clean shots of his own. Blood is coming from the left ear of Son and every time Yan hits him with a good punch he smiles and waves it off. Yan goes for a take down and gets it at the half way point of the round but it is Yan doing damage from the bottom with his elbows. Yan using is legs to push Son away but Son is able to get his back for a brief moment before Yan slips away and gets control. Son gets to his feet and the two finish the round, Son of course smiling.

Son connects with a couple good shots and Yan returns fire with his own punches that find home. Yan tosses Son to the ground and then hits him with a huge kick as he gets up and some punches to follow. Wow it is deafening in here. Son showing incredible toughness, taking shots from all angles. His hands are down and Yan is having his way throwing bombs. Finally Yan was able to drop son with a huge punch but he popped right up before Yan could do more damage. The fight ends with both fighters somehow still standing. Fight of the night so far.

Official Result: Petr Yan (30-27, 30-27, 29-28) defeated Jin Soo Son by unanimous decision.

Petr Yan : “I showed a good fight. Jin Soo Son is a tough guy but I did it. I expected quick victory, but the bout lasted longer, still ending with my victory. I heard the way arena supported me, inspiring to focus and perform. It was awesome!”

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Rustam Khabilov vs Kajan Johnson

Agree? #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

Both fighters very patient at the start of this one, with Khabilov following Johnson as he moves around the outside of the Octagon. Johnson attacking with kicks at all levels, Khabilov lands a nice left hook. Johnson lands a good body kick. Interesting first round.

Khabilov continues his pressure from the first round and Johnson continues to land kicks to the legs and to the body. Khabilov’s hand are starting to find their mark here, he landed some good shots in back to back combinations before grabbing the leg of Johnson. With his leg in the chest of Khabilov, Johnson hobbles all the way across the Octagon and eventually to the cage before he was able to escape. Then Khabilov got the takedown that he wanted, bringing the fight to the canvas for the first time. He landed a couple good shots in the ground game with Johnson very active. A cut has opened up on the left eye of Johnson.

Good punch by Johnson to open the last frame. As Khabilov pressured forward Johnson connect with a really good knee that completely stopped Khabilov’s attack. Then Khabilov moved forward again grabbing the leg of Johnson but after being slammed to the canvas Johnson flipped the script on Khabilov and was able to get up almost instantly, hitting Khabilov with a strong right as the two broke the clinch. Khabilov continued to search for the takedown, eventually getting it and controlling Johnson for the remainder of the fight. While on the ground both fighters were very active, Johnson had worked his way into a heel hook at the end of the fight but there wasn’t enough time to finish the submission.

Official Result: Rustam Khabilov (29-28, 29-28) defeated Kajan Johnson (29-28) by split decision.

Rustam Khabilov : “Not everything happened exactly as I planned, and I wanted it to be a better fight. My opponent fought Makhachev earlier and he knew our styles are quite similar. He was moving really well and was strong on the ground. That's why it was hard. It was difficult to get a knockdown, and he managed to get every punch. I was really excited to perform in Moscow, all my friends are here. So I was energized and ready both mentally and physically.”

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Mairbek Taisumov vs Desmond Green

By unanimous decision... @Taisumov155! #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

In a battle of lightweights it’s Taisumov that connected first, landing a big kick to the body. Taisumov’s kicks have been effective in this first round and his movement has kept him out of harm’s way. A very technical first round, with Green attacking the legs and utilizing the jab and Taisumov working a variety of kicks.

Chants of Taisumov ring out to start the second round. Taisumov landed a nice left hook and followed it up with an inside leg kick. For a brief moment this stand-up contest almost hit the ground with Green tossing Taisumov down but neither fighter was able to control it and the both quickly got back to their feet. After the scramble, Taisumov started finding success with his hands hitting Green with some nice combinations. Green with a good hook and a cut has started to open up on the corner of Taisumov’s right eye. Taisumov glanced Green with a head kick then Green started to attack but Taisumov caught him on the way in and stunned him with a cross. Green dropped to the canvas and was able to avoid taking more damage and get back to his feet to end the round.

Taisumov is starting to get some momentum, pressuring Green and working his combinations and kicks. Green lands a good jab and hook. Taisumov has started to really work the inside leg kick on Green’s front leg, some visible redness there. Taisumov constantly advancing and landing nice shots with efficient striking. His kicks a big factor in this one. Green’s toughness really showing throughout this round. Entertaining fight.

Official Result: Mairbek Taisumov (30-27 x 3) defeated Desmond Green by unanimous decision.

Mairbek Taisumov : “I feel satisfied with the fight. We needed victory together with my team and we got it. It is incredible to fight in Russia. It was a big responsibility for me to fight in my home country because I haven’t fought here for a long time. But everything went good and the victory is mine.” br />
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Magomed Ankalaev vs Marcin Prachnio


Ankalaev ends the bout early! #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

The battle begins with Prachnio moving around the outside of the Octagon and Taisumov following him with patience. Prachnio put together a nice combo as Ankalaev connected with a leg kick. Big shots are being thrown by each fighter, with Ankalaev connecting with a massive head kick that sent Prachnio crashing to the ground. Ankalaev jumped on top of Prachnio and landed two big punches and that’s all she wrote. Wow.

Official Result: Magomed Ankalaev defeated Marcin Prachnio by KO, Round 1 at 3:09.

Magomed Ankalaev : “I won in the first round, and that's exactly how I've planned. I could not get my opponent in a standing position, so I had to take him down. It was a huge responsibility to fight in Russia. ”

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Adam Yandiev vs Jordan Johnson

THERE'S THE TAP!@DoubleJMMA remains undefeated via arm triangle! #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

It didn’t take long for these middleweights to get going, with both fighters throwing some nice shots. Yandiev slips to the canvas and Johnson pounced him, getting into a controlled position and attempting to take Yandiev’s back but Yandiev escapes and the two get back to their feet. Johnson continues to put pressure on Yandiev and secures another takedown, eventually getting into full mount before a brief scramble ending with Johnson back in Yandiev’s guard. Johnson continues to work and takes Yandiev’s back again, sinking in a rear naked choke that nearly finishes the fight but Yandiev somehow survives and the round ends. Great round for Johnson.

Round two starts with Johnson connecting on a head kick. Then Johnson and Yandiev trade shots, with Johnson landing a great uppercut to the body of Yandiev that appeared to hurt him. The two quickly hit the canvas and Johnson was able to finish the fight with a side choke. Impressive showing for Johnson.

Official Result: Jordan Johnson defeated Adam Yandiev by submission via side choke, Round 2 at 0:42.

Jordan Johnson : “The fight went well. I’m a great fighter and I know how good I am. My UFC experience until now hasn’t exactly been what I’ve wanted it to be. I had things going on in my life that didn’t allow me to fully focus on my training. At one point it was just me, a treadmill and one guy who believed in me. It’s different now, I’m in a great place - I’ve got a team and community so now I feel I can relax and let it happen. And that’s how the fight went down today. I was as relaxed walking into that cage as I am now. No distractions. I relaxed and let it happen. I attacked a choke earlier in the fight and let it go – I wanted to wait for a better moment, be patient. It came.”

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Ramazan Emeev vs Stefan Sekulic


Emeev dominates the end of round one. #UFCMoscow
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

Both fighters start the round by getting a feel for one another, with Sekulic connecting on a nice lower leg kick early. After a brief clinch Emeev caught Sekulic with a nice right hook. Sekulic grabbed Emeev’s leg and went for a takedown and a brief scrambled ensued and both fighter got back on their feet. Emeev is able to secure a quick take down but Sekulic gets back to his feet almost immediately. When the two stand up it’s a massive shot from Emeev that sends Sekulic stumbling back to the fence. Then Emeev follows it up with a huge head kick and for a moment it looked like the fight was going to be over, but Sekulic covered up and survived until the bell.

Instant pressure from Emeev to start round two, he backs Sekulic up and lands a couple nice shots but Sekulic manages to move away from the cage. Sekulic secured another quick take down but Emeev battles back to his feet. The two fighters clinch, with Emeev hitting Sekulic on the break. Both fighters go back and forth on in the stand-up game for the remainder of the round, with both fighters finding some success.

Round three starts with Sekulic moving forward and then he follows it up with a lower leg kick. Emeev landed a nice body kick with Sekulic catching it and attempting a takedown that but it was well defended by Emeev. Sekulic is able to get Emeev to the ground but Emeev turned the tables on Sekulic flipping him and ending up in top position. After Sekulic got back to his feet the two, Emeev continued pressuring Sekulic with both fighters searching to hit a big shot. Another good round for Emeev.

Official Result: Ramazan Emeev defeated Stefan Sekulic by unanimous decision 30-26, 30-27, 29-28.

Ramazan Emeev : “I wish I could have shown more striking in this fight, however my opponent kept running from me. For this reason I didn't show everything I wanted to. It was really important for me to fight and win here on the first ever UFC event in Russia. ”

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Merab Dvalishvili vs Terrion Ware

DOMINANT DECISION!@MerabDvalishvil earns the first win at #UFCMoscow!
— UFC (@ufc) September 15, 2018

The crowd is already fired up and the building is packed. Dvalishvili opens the fight with nice head that nearly connects clean. Ware pushes forward and Dvalishvili secured a take down with a nice trip and then went to work. Over the next two minutes Dvalishvili hit Ware with some big elbows and for a second it looked like Ware was hurt but he was able to recover and get to his feet. Dvalishvili caught a body kick from Ware and then pushed him to the cage and eventually the ground. After getting to his feet Ware looks worn out and Dvalishvili continues to work. Attempt kick after kick with Ware barely blocking each of the shots. The final ten seconds end with Ware against the cage just covering up. Great round for Dvalishvili

Round two starts with both fighters being patient, with Dvalishvili mixing in a variety of kicks. Dvalishvili is grabbed a double leg and took Ware to the ground but Ware was able to get back to his feet for a moment but the Dvalishvili lifted him off the ground and slammed him to the canvas. For the remainder of the round Dvalishvili executed his ground and pound game landing some nice elbows from the top.

More of the same from Dvalishvili to start the final period. He put the pressure on Ware and took him down to the ground almost immediately. From the top position Dvalishvili was able to keep landing some nice short elbows and punches to the body. Control from start to finish for Dvalishvili.

Official Result: Merab Dvalishvili defeated Terrion Ware by unanimous decision (30-25) x 3.

Merab Dvalishvili : “There were no surprises from my opponent, he is a great guy, a great boxer. Since I am training with a great coach, a former world champion, all day long, every day, and my Jiu-jitsu is good, I just took this guy down and dominated. I did a smart fight, followed my game plan. I am going to keep it like this. I knew nothing is going to stop me and I am dangerous for everyone. Speaking of future plans, I really want to fight Sean O'Malley.”

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