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UFC Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is almost here and if you’ve been wondering
how you can combine your love of MMA with your Halloween
festivities, here are a few suggestions. Be sure to send your photos of UFC-themed costumes to
and we'll add them to our Facebook album.

The best 100 UFC-themed costumes will win this limited-edition Zombie-themed UFC 122 poster - but you've got to get your pictures in by end-of-day Monday, November 1.

UFC 71 Rampage JacksonRampage Jackson
If you have the endurance to lug a
huge chain around your neck and you can do a good wolf howl, this might
be a good option for you. Just stay away from anyone dressed like Chuck

roy nelson bellyRoy Nelson
If you
don't have the typical fighter body but don't want to be left out of the
festivities, "Big Country" has you covered. Don a beard and signature
Roy Nelson mullet. Some fight shorts and gloves will add to the
costume. Keep it real by losing your shirt and rubbing your belly

herb dean fan expoHerb Dean
You'll need: A
dreadlock wig pulled back into a ponytail, black slacks and short sleeve
collared shirt, latex gloves. Address everyone using the two-finger
Herb Dean Salute. Tell people at the party to obey your instructions and
defend themselves at all times. If people are standing around tell them
"C'mon, let's work!" If they're sitting tell them: "You have to work or
I'm gonna stand you up!"

The Ultimate Fighter Finale Weigh-In Nate DiazNate Diaz

a 209/Gracie Jiu Jitsu/Dethrone shirt, scrunch your face up into a mean mug and
write 209 with a marker everywhere. If anyone asks your opinion on the
party or anything else be sure to respond with, “That’s whatever, man.
I’m just here to fight."

TUF 4 Finale Arianny Celeste Octagon GirlOctagon Girl
If you're
comfortable walking around in a bikini, make yourself some eight-sided cards
to hold up and practice blowing kisses at any cameras at the party. We
prefer this costume on women, but it's a free country.

Bruce Buffer head shotBruce Buffer

Get a shiny suit, some large index cards and
announce people as they arrive. "This man is a Dentist, working out of
Coconut Creek, Florida! James "Smiles" JOHNNNNNNSSSSOOON!!"

For added effect, turn only in dramatic 180-degree increments.

bruce leeroyAlex Caceres aka Bruce Leeroy
Do you know what a good deal you can get on that Bruce Lee/Kill Bill outfit in 2010!? Or borrow a friend's from a few years back. Slap on an afro wig (power fist pick optional), grab a goblet wear a smug grin and you're this season's love-to-hate-him star.

brown pride poncho dudeBrown Pride Poncho Dude
Got a sombrero and a blanket? Throw 'brown pride' up on that bad boy and
you're the epically underpublicized Brown Pride Poncho Dude, as seen in
this montage of fans at UFC 121.

121 rogan goldieJoe Rogan & Mike Goldberg (team costume)
out who’s going to be Joe and who’s going to be Goldie. Then get two
fake microphones and attach the UFC logo to them. Wear some MMA-branded
button-up shirts and walk around commentating at the party:
Hello UFC fans, I'm Mike Goldberg here with my partner, as always, Joe
Rogan. Joe, what do you think of this Halloween party?
Joe: This is a
phenomenal party, Mike. We've got a guy dressed as Freddy Krueger and
those razor hands are going to give him a definitive reach advantage.
Approaching the snack table, is the sexy penguin. This party is
sponsored by Bud Light! When your party is really heating up, cool down
with an ice cold Bud Light! Drink Responsibly.

If someone does drink
too much be sure to yell, "He's rocked!"  Also try to stay until the end
of the party so "Mike" can yell, "It is ALL OVER!"Got a UFC costume idea that tops these? Leave it in the comments!