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UFC Gym® Announces Partnership with NF FITNESS PTE Ltd to Open Locations Throughout Singapore


SINGAPORE – UFC GYM®, the rapidly expanding fitness franchise that creates training programs for all levels and ages inspired by the training regimens of UFC® athletes, today announced a new partnership with NF FITNESS PTE LTD to open 15 franchise locations throughout Singapore. The 15 locations will span across the fitness brand’s franchise offerings including CLASS by UFC GYM® Studios, the newest concept in boutique fitness that focuses on boxing, kickboxing and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This announcement continues the brand’s continued world-wide expansion, with the first Singapore location scheduled to open in 2019.

“Our global growth is exciting and bringing UFC GYM’s TRAIN DIFFERENT® philosophy to Singapore is a huge opportunity with an amazing partner,” UFC GYM President Adam Sedlack said. “The dynamic spirit and energy in Singapore perfectly aligns with what our members will find in UFC GYM and we’re proud to continuously grow our brand with this synergy.”

Since debuting in 2009, UFC GYM has opened more than 150 locations throughout the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, United States, Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Oman, the United Arab Emirates. Other recent deals will bring hundreds of UFC GYM locations to India, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“UFC has an amazing fanbase in Singapore and we’re thrilled that UFC GYM will be bringing its ground-breaking training methods to this market,” UFC Vice President of Asia Kevin Chang said. “UFC GYM is a perfect brand extension of our organization that helps introduce the sport and the positive values of mixed martial arts to audiences of all ages.”

UFC GYM members benefit from a full-range of functional fitness classes, along with group, private and youth MMA training, as well as group fitness, in addition to personal and group dynamic performance-based training. UFC GYM programming has been developed through exclusive access to the training regimens of internationally-acclaimed UFC athletes, providing members with everything they need for the entire family to move, get fit and live a healthy life.

In addition to corporate-owned Signature clubs, UFC GYM offers the unique opportunity to own and operate a UFC GYM franchise domestically and internationally. For franchise information, contact Heather Wilson at and visit For more information about UFC GYM, please visit