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UFC Fight Pass

The UFC Fight Pass Nominees For 2021

Take A Look At The Best Of Of The Best From UFC Fight Pass In 2021.

It’s been one of the strongest years of fights in FIGHT PASS history. The names and faces may have changed but, as it always does, the cream rose to the top. Here are the nominees for the 2021 Best of UFC FIGHT PASS!

Fight of the Year

Tommy Aaron vs Gerald Scott - LFA 100
Lester Martinez vs Raiko Santana - RJJ Boxing
Carlos Vergara vs Jacob Silva Fury - FC 44
Paul Hughes vs Morgan Charriere – Cage Warriors 128

Male Fighter of the Year

Mason Fowler
Paul Hughes
Solomon Renfro
Dominique Wooding

Female Fighter of the Year

Sidney Trillo
Danielle Kelly
Amanda Loewen
Vanessa Demopoulos

Walkout of the Year

Charles Johnson – LFA 100
Tobias Harila – Cage Warriors 125
Myron Dennis – LFA 99
JZ Cavalcante – Fury Pro Grappling 2

KO of the Year

Paul Capaldo – CFFC 94
Justin Barry – Cage Warriors 130
Steven Walker – Lion Fight 64
Gerardo Fanny – Cage Warriors 125

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Submission of the Year

Stevie Ray – Polaris 18 (Twister)
Andres Luna Martinetti – UWC 30 (Calf Slicer)
Jonathan Piersma – CFFC 94 (Omoplata)
Felipe Fogolin – CJJ Middleweights (Japanese Necktie)

Interview of the Year

Brok Weaver – iKON 6
Solomon Renfro – CFFC 95
Jonny Parsons iKON 7
Merab Dvalishvili – Fury Pro Grappling 2

Folly of the Year

Lion Fight loses power mid round – Lion Fight 66
Sean Strickland gives up back taunting – SUG 29
Sylwester Miller gets DQed after 4 headbutts – Cage Warriors 121
A Ring Announcer to remember – AKA 13

Nickname of the Year

“Half-Ass” Chance Thackston – Lion Fight 64
Candice “Candi Crush” Mitchell – Lion Fight 63
Myron “Light Skin Dynamite” Dennis – LFA 99
Roderick “Explosive Thin Man” Stewart – XFN 369

Event of the Year

LFA 100
CFFC 100
Fury Pro Grappling 2
Cage Warriors 128

Other categories: Podcast of the Year

Poster of the Year
FIGHT PASS Graduate of the Year
Storyline of the Year
Journalist of the Year

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