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UFC Fight Pass Fighters To Watch In 2022 | Part 1

Some Of 2021's Biggest Newcomers All Made A Name For Themselves On UFC FIGHT PASS Long Before Impressing The Masses In The Octagon. So Who's Next?

UFC FIGHT PASS athletes made for some of the biggest UFC moments in 2021. Whether it was Alex Pereira’s debut, Paddy Pimblett finally coming over to the UFC, or Chris Barnett’s wheel kick and front flip celebration, they all made a name for themselves on FIGHT PASS long before impressing the masses in the Octagon.

With so many homegrown names now in the UFC, does FIGHT PASS have any big names left?

Oh yeah. We’re barely scratching the surface. Here are the fighters to watch for in 2022!

Solomon Renfro – CFFC

Record: 8-2

Age: 25

Although this list is in no particular order, it would be hard not to kick things off with Solomon Renfro.

After posting a 2-0 Cage Fury record in 2021 and delivering two of the best post-fight speeches known to man, Renfro proved to fighters, fight fans and politicians alike that he’s not to be taken lightly.

His strong showings landed him a spot at Dana White’s Contender Series, where he ultimately came up short against iKON product Jonny Parsons. The loss may have stung, but the 8-2 Tiger Schulmann machine is far from over.

Smart money says Renfro doesn’t make it out of 2022 without a UFC bout or two, so enjoy him while you can!

Dominique Wooding – Cage Warriors

Record: 9-4

Age: 25

Wooding started his MMA career on fire, going 5-1 in his first six fights before going on a 1-3 run.

The switch to Cage Warriors must have been just what the doctor ordered, as Wooding would put up a 3-0 run that had him knocking at the door as the UFC FIGHT PASS Male Fighter of the Year. He was under the radar when he nearly took Cameron Hardy’s head home, he was booed by his home crowd when he came from behind to win the CW bantamweight title and he blew the roof off at Cage Warriors 132.

He may not like the ground and he may not like going the distance, but Dominique Wooding is must watch TV.

Alessandro Costa – LUX Fight League

Record: 9-2

Age: 25

After making his FIGHT PASS debut at EBI 10, Costa went full-time MMA and kicked in the door at LUX Fight League.

Since coming to LUX he’s 5-0 with three finishes. He wasn’t exactly looking to end fights with his striking in his early fights, but he’s one of the most dangerous MMA grapplers LUX has ever seen and has prime John Dodson quickness. Now that his striking has improved, he’s one of the biggest all-around threats the flyweight division has outside of the UFC.

He hasn’t fought outside of a main event since September of 2020 and hasn’t lost since 2018, and the streak for both could very well continue into 2022. Keep a close eye on Costa to do big things this year.

Andres Quintana – Fury FC

Record: 19-3

Age: 30

OG FIGHT PASS subscribers may remember Quintana for his “fight-in” loss to Thanh Le in the opening episode of TUF 22.

He’s stayed active since the 2015 disappointment and done a hell of a lot of winning. He’s gone 11-2 since TUF with chokes, punches and even “spinning s***” finishes.

He made his UFC FIGHT PASS debut in November with a dominant win over the oversized favorite, Edwin Chavez. He proved he still has a tendency to take shots, but at 19-3 he has some of the most extensive experience of anybody on FIGHT PASS, and if being 29+1 years old doesn’t scare the UFC away he’ll be in the Octagon before long.

Morgan Charriere – Cage Warriors

Record: 16-9-1

Age: 26

Never heard of Morgan Charriere? Well he’s probably more famous than a good chunk of your favorite fighters.

The French 26-year-old has done nothing but throw leather and move the needle since coming to Cage Warriors. The social media prodigy is another one who isn’t fond of the ground but has some of the heaviest hands around and is no stranger to going into “Robbie Lawler” waters if necessary.

His Cage Warriors 128 loss to Paul Hughes took home 2021 UFC FIGHT PASS Fight of the Year, and despite being 0-2 in his last couple bouts, nobody holds the attention of a room, cage and screen quite like Morgan Charriere.

Josh Fremd - LFA

Record: 8-2

Age: 27

Brazilian striker Bruno Oliveira made one hell of a splash on UFC FIGHT PASS after defeating future UFC welterweight Jared Gooden at Titan FC 55. One performance on UFC radar and he was booked on Dana White’s Contender Series where he fell short. LFA knew the threat he was, scooped him up and put him in a main event. Unfortunately the fighter he met was LFA veteran Josh Fremd.

Fremd cut right through Oliveira, finishing him with ease in barely half a round.

The 27-year-old put up a 2-1 record in 2021 and hasn’t left main event status since he put Oliveira away almost a year ago to the day.

After his decision victory over Renato Valente in October, expect the active Fremd to be back at it early and often in 2022.

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