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UFC Fight Night Lincoln Final Results


Who were the winners at UFC Fight Night Lincoln: Gaethje vs. Vick? Click below to get the results for all the fights at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska on Saturday, August 25th, 2018.

Gaethje vs Vick | Johnson vs Fili | Casey vs Hill | Ellenberger vs Barberena | Moraga vs Figueiredo | Anders vs Williams | Krause vs Alves | Sandhagen vs Alcantara | Sanchez vs Perez | Gall vs Sullivan | Calderwood vs Faria| Dober vs Tuck| Yahya vs Sanders
UFC Fight Night Lincoln: Gaethje vs Vick main card

Action starts at 10 pm ET

Main event: Justin Gaethje vs James Vick

HE SLEPT HIM!!!@Justin_Gaethje STARCHES Vick in round 1!! Wow!! #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

Here we go! Vick using his length to distance himself from Gaethje early on. Lots of kicks from Vick in the first minute. Vick connects on a couple of kicks but then OUT OF NO WHERE Justin Gaethje knocks James Vick out cold! It was a massive left hook followed up with a right over the top that sent Vick crumbling to the ground. Incredible.

Official result: Justin Gaethje defeats James Vick by KO, 1:27 first round.

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Co-main: Michael Johnson vs Andre Fili

The Menace is back in the win column! @FollowTheMenace #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

Fight opens up with a good kick to the body by Fili. Both fighters moving a lot with Fili initiating the majority of the action, including landing another good body kick. Johnson has found a little success so far with his counter striking, his left hand seems to be effective here early on. Fili’s kicks are very dynamic attacking Johnson from a variety of angles. Johnson lands a couple nice punches, utilizing that left. Fili is the aggressor so far. Fili lands what might be his fifth body kick of the round but Johnson doesn’t seem fazed. Very aggressive competitive first round here in Lincoln.

As the round starts a little cut is starting to show under the left eye of Fili, after an accidently cup check the fighter resume battle. Johnson’s striking efficiency from round one seems to be continuing here. After avoiding a punch from Johnson, Fili shoots and takes Johnson to the ground then quickly takes his back with his hooks in. Johnson stands up as Fili continues to try to sink in a rear naked choke. Both fighters are locked up trying to gain control with Fili eventually getting free and attempting the submission. Johnson slams the two fighters to the canvas and is able to fight off the choke and after some time, Johnson escapes and finds himself in a dominant position dropping ground and pound. Fili nearly pulls off an arm bar but Johnson sneaks out yet again, ending the round on top.

The round starts with back to back head kicks from Fili, they connect but are blocked by Johnson. The Menace puts together a nice combination. Fili shoots for a take down and is able to drag Johnson down to the ground, nearly taking his back again. Johnson gets back to his feet and the two featherweights meet back in the center of the Octagon. Fili’s kick continue to be a factor. Johnson lands a couple lower leg kicks and then stuffs Fili’s takedown attempt. With a minute to go Johnson is putting on the pressure but Fili is able to break free and the fight ends with both fighters holding their hands up high.

Official result: Michael Johnson (29-28, 29-28) defeats Andre Fili (30-27) by split decision.

Michael Johnson : “It feels really good to get a win over a tough guy like Fili. I got that 145 pound win now. I just knew I had to stay in there and be tough. I learned from my last fight with his teammate. He got my back, but I defended it well. The only thing that surprised me is he kept his distance really well. They obviously did their homework because he stayed away from my left hand, but I was able to catch him. I think I won the fight in the second round, when I reversed him. He was a very good opponent and it feels good to get back in the win column. It’s such a relief. I can’t call anybody out after a split decision win. Everybody knows the type of fighter I am. I want anybody that’s a game opponent. I want to get up in the rankings. I want my top spots back. I belong in the top five at lightweight and featherweight. A split decision win doesn’t give me the right to call anyone out.”

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Cortney Casey vs Angela Hill

Casey gets it done! Agree? @CastIron_Casey #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

No touch of the gloves for these strawweights. Nice hook for Casey, Hill moving a lot trying to close the distance. Both ladies are swinging but Hill catches a leg kick and Casey falls to the floor but Hill lets her up. Hill with a pretty combination but Casey stands right in there and lets her own hands fly. Good left hook by Casey after a nice leg kick from Hill, Casey goes back to work with that left hand. Both ladies are landing shots, Hill’s leg kicks seem to be having a big effect on Casey’s lead leg. After a take down by Casey, Hill tries to work in an arm bar and after holding the position for a while Casey lifts Hill of the ground and slams her repeatedly until she is free. Both fighters are landing strikes and neither is backing down. Great first round.

The second round starts just like the first round ended, with both fighters letting it fly. They are trading shots, with both also mixing in kicks at different levels. Really competitive contest so far. Good shoot from Casey but Hill doesn’t give in, managing to prevent the takedown and get back to the center of the Octagon. Big right hand from Hill followed up by more creative striking but Casey returns fire with a good punch of her own. The round ends with Hill landing some shots up close and with her hands up high. Another great round with no one taking serious control of the fight. Very even.

Casey opens up the third with a good right hand, both of these ladies are utilizing their dirty boxing to beat up their opponent. Casey charges forward landing a couple punches in her combination but takes a punch on the break. Some blood coming from the nose of Hill now with Casey landing some good shots. Hill fires back with a cross to the body. Another combination from Casey but she takes a body kick from Hill. Final minute now with both fighters exchanging looking for the final shot. A great uppercut from Hill right before the sticks sound off for the final ten seconds and both ladies end the fight with their hands up high.

Official result: Cortney Casey (30-27, 29-28) defeats Angela Hill (29-28) by split decision.

Cortney Casey : “It feels good. I had tough opponents in my last two with Felice and Waterson. Hill’s tough, too. We took this on short notice, but we wanted a tough opponent. We got that in Hill. I couldn’t have asked for a better opponent and scrap than that. She’s known as a striker and everyone sees me as a ground fighter, but I can throw down, too. We wanted to focus on standing with her. I’m not the greatest wrestler, so I wanted to really time those shots. I really practiced throwing at a high volume and countering a lot. I always think I can be doing so much more. If I’m not finishing fights, I’m doing something wrong. So it’s back to the drawing boards. I can fight at the end of the year. I want anyone in the top 15 like Tecia. I know Mackenzie’s looking for a fight. There are some great fights coming up, so we’ll see how those go. Tecia interests me more, but Mackenzie is looking for a fight. She came from our gym and I have all the respect in the world for her, but I don’t mind fighting her. She wants a top fighter, I’ll give her a top fighter.”

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Jake Ellenberger vs Bryan Barberena

Barberena ends it in the first round! Wow!@Bryan_Barberena #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

The fight starts off with Ellenberger putting on the pressure and looking very relaxed. Big right over the top connects for Barberena. Just a few moments later Barberena catches Ellenberger with a huge combination that sends Ellenberger collapsing to the floor but he briefly recovers, only to be hit with another massive shot. Barberena pounces and smothers Ellenberger with punches and that’s all she wrote. Tough loss for Ellenberger in front of the Nebraska faithful.

Official result: Bryan Barberena defeats Jake Ellenberger by TKO at 3:08 in the first round.

Bryan Barberena : “This feels amazing. I’m really happy with my performance. It’s been almost a year since I fought. I didn’t feel any ring rust. I was happy to take a couple shot that he threw. I didn’t feel anything and kept fighting through. I don’t really care about ranks. I care about the type of fighter. I want to put on an exciting show. I really like the winner of Mike Perry and Cowboy Cerrone. I figured this would be Jake’s last fight. I was saying that in interviews. I meant no disrespect. He’s a great fighter. He’s a legend and has done a lot in this sport. I just respect the hell out of him.”

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John Moraga vs Deiveson Figueiredo

What a sequence!@DaDeusdaGuerra gets the TKO victory at #UFCLincoln.
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

With by far the most heated face off, Moraga and Figueiredo spent the beginning of the fight feeling each other out. After a brief scramble Figueiredo was able to get control and secure a takedown. Figueiredo was able to get stand-up but Moraga held his ankle and was ready to attempt a heel hook. Figueiredo slipped away and came out with Moraga’s back but the round ended before he was able to do any real damage.

Some good shots for both fighters to start the round but it’s Figueiredo grabbing hold of Moraga’s torso and slamming him to the canvas for a takedown that stops the stand-up battle. Some big time ground and pound from Figueiredo has opened up a big on the face of Moraga and once he gets up Figueiredo lands a big shot that drops Moraga but then Figueiredo swings for the knockout blow and misses allowing Moraga to somehow get to his feet. Then Moraga lands a huge blow but it doesn’t stop Figueiredo as the undefeated fighter brings the pain with a couple big power shots that send Moraga back down, this time for good. Yet another finish here in Lincoln!

Official result: Deiveson Figueiredo defeats John Moraga by TKO at 3:08 in the second round.

Deiveson Figueiredo : “I’m 15-0, I want a title shot. I have three knockouts in the UFC. If I can’t have the title shot, I want Demetrious Johnson. I want to show I’m coming to be the champion. My goal was the knockout and that’s what I did. I’ve never found anyone stronger than me. If you go toe-to-toe with me, you’re going to get knocked out.”

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Eryk Anders vs Tim Williams

— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

Both fighters start the fight off by getting a feeling for their opponent with Anders moving forward and Williams content with waiting for Anders. Williams strikes first with a nice head kick but Anders was able to get his hand up in time to block it. After a head kick attempt from Williams Anders moved forward landed his best shots of the fight pushing Williams back. A leg kick from Williams almost chopped Anders to the ground but he manages to keep his feet. Williams lands a great right hook that stumbled Williams but it Anders shook off the damage quickly. The two exchange a few more shots before Williams shoots for a take down and gets it in the final 15 seconds of the round.

Williams starts things off in round two by landing a couple good shots as Anders pressures forward, evading the big hands of Anders. Williams is able to push Anders up against the cage, lift him up and slam him to the canvas. Anders quickly gets up and the two grapple on the outside of the Octagon before Williams backs off and allows Anders to come forward. Anders putting together some of his best punches and barely misses with a massive head kick. Williams is starting to take some damage her and he is starting bleed under his left eye. Williams goes for a takedown but Anders sprawls away and ends up in a dominant position. The two get up and Anders cracks Williams with a good body kick, then he caught Williams with a good uppercut. Momentum is building for Anders with his powerful hands finding their mark. Williams looks light on his feet heading into end of the round. Really fun round to watch.

Round three starts with more pressure from Anders, both fighters dripping sweat. Anders drops Williams with a big straight left but recovers quickly and Anders lets him get to his feet. Another good left from Anders but Williams answer right back with a good two punch combination. Williams connects on a body kick, blood starting to come out of Anders’ nose. Huge left from Anders but Williams isn’t going away. Great take down defense from Anders followed up with a head kick that nearly lands flush. Less than a minute to go and Williams lands a nice spinning strike, Anders pushes Williams to the floor then out of no where when Williams is trying to get off the canvas Anders lands a devastating head kick that ends the fight in an instant knockout. These fights have been insane!

Official result: Eryk Anders defeats Tim Williams by KO at 4:42 in the third round.

Eryk Anders : “I came out a little sluggish. I found my rhythm later in the rounds. I did a little too much feeling out in the first round. I said, ‘I cannot lose this fight.’ So I bit down on the mouthpiece, went after it, set up shots and threw more combinations instead of just relying on the left hand. I always search for finishes. I want to be exciting. I don’t want to be one of those boring point fighters. I want to knock people out and get big wins. Elias Theodorou, I know you’ve got a fight coming up in Sao Paulo. Good luck, but I know you want to fight in Toronto. Come see ‘Ya Boi’ in December. He’s in that top 15. That would be a good stepping stone to take my career to the next level.”

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UFC Fight Night Lincoln: Justin Gaethje vs James Vick FS2 prelims

Action starts at 8 pm ET

James Krause vs Warlley Alves


HUGE knee from @TheJamesKrause leads to the 2nd round TKO! #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

Early Krause goes for a head kick but slips up and is dropped but after a brief guillotine attempt from Alves he is able to get back to his feet and the two welterweights enter the clinch. After the two break Krause continues to use a variety of kicks, but Alves catches one and puts Krause on his back then narrowly misses a kick of his own. Alves lands a nice body kick but Krause smiles at him afterwards. Krause with some nice striking a movement putting together his jab with some straight punches. Krause switching his stance often and Krause continues to be vocal talking to Alves every time they exchange. Front kick from Krause glances the face of Alves and as the round ends Krause has some more words for his opponent. Good round from both fighters. This one is going to get heated heading into rounds two and three.

Despite the trash talk from Krause, the two touch gloves. And then Alves starts unloading massive shots with Krause dodging in and out of harm’s way but some of Alves blows find their mark. Alves starting to talk back to Krause now, with some blood coming from the side of Krause’s head. After a head kick Alves laughs off a shot from Krause but then takes a punch. And that was the beginning of the end as Krause absolutely nails Alves with a huge flying knee and then doesn’t let off the gas. Putting Alves up against the fence and landing crushing blow after crushing it wasn’t long before Alves was out. Lincoln stand up!

Official result: James Krause defeats Warlley Alves by TKO at 2:28 in the second round.

James Krause : “Speed kills. That knee’s one of my best moves. It’s a fake low kick and then bring up the knee to the head. It lands all the times for me. This win sends a statement to myself. I told you guys that whenever I come in here, I need to answer some questions. I did just that. I feel phenomenal at this weight. I feel strong and hit hard, obviously. I’m tricky and have good cardio. “I want to be next to my family right now. I sacrifice my whole life for this sport and my family knows that. They deserve the time with me. I wish I had a really cool answer for you. Warrley was the only one on my mind. He has a finish win over the interim champion. Not a guy I could overlook.”

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Cory Sandhagen vs Iuri Alcantara

Sandhagen gets it done!!@Cors_Life #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

Right off the bat Alcantara is all over Sandhagen hurting him with a couple big shots before taking him to the ground and securing a devastating body lock. With his head and arm trapped Sandhagen has no way to defend himself and his taking hammer fist after hammer fist, all the while nearly being submitted. But wow he slips out and turns the tables by rocking Alcantara with huge blows that has the crowd roaring. What an insane start first half of the first round. Standing above Alcantara, Sandhagen unleashed elbows and straight punches down to the head of Alcantara. What a crazy round, oth fighters could have been finished but have somehow survived. This ground and pound from Sandhagen has been relentless, essentially hitting Alcantara with significant blow after significant blow. Wow, end of round one.

The second round starts off with an acrobatic striking attempt from Alcantara but after he misses he gets clipped and is immediately wobbled. He has never shaken off the damage from the first round. Sandhagen jumps on top as Alcantara can hardly stand. Alcantara covers up and absorbs about 20 shots from Sandhagen before the ref calls it. What a comeback for Sandhagen.

Official result: Cory Sandagen defeats Iuri Alcantara by TKO at 1:01 in the second round.

Cory Sandhagen : “I told myself I wasn’t going to lose this fight. I sent a statement that I’m not going to quit. I didn’t get to do what I wanted. It went south early, but I handled it. I got on top and paid him back for it. I knew he didn’t have much in the second round. I knew I had just had to do a little bit more to win. Iuri was probably top 20. I want someone in the top 15 by the end of the year. I want one more fight this year, I’ll get in a few next year and then everybody should know my name. Then I can start looking at that gold.”

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Andrew Sanchez vs Markus Perez

Back in the win column for @ElDirteSanchez! #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

Both middleweights start off the fight with some good movement and a variety of kick. Sanchez landed a big one to the body of Perez that immediately turned the abdomen of Perez bright red. After a long battle in the clinch Sanchez was finally able to get ahold of Perez and for a split second almost had him to the canvas but Perez was able to get back up against the cage and the two went back to throwing knees. Another quick scramble but the same result, as both men end up against the cage in the clinch. Just before the final bell Perez misses with a spinning kick attempt.

Perez starts the second round off with a low kick but Sanchez eats it and returns fire with a spinning back fist that nearly hits its mark. More dynamic kick attmpts from Perez. He is really damaging the body of Sanchez and then nearly gets him with a head kick. With his back against the fence Perez unleashes a nice left hook that lands right on Sanchez’s chin. After a quick scramble the two fighters meet back in the center of the Octagon with Perez landing a shot but then Sanchez shakes his head to as if he didn’t feel it. Sanchez puts together a good combination that forces Perez back to the fence where lands some more shots, including one where Perez used the cage to launch at Sanchez. More big shots from Sanchez in the clinch that leads to a takedown in the finally moments of the round.

Pressure has been a factor for the entire fight, with Sanchez pushing forward and cornering Perez. The third round starts with Sanchez sprinting to the center of the cage and using his kicks to distance Perez to the outside. Great jab from Sanchez that has Perez saying give me more and then Sanchez says heck yeah. Both fighters are talking and really starting to throw shots and the crowd is loving it. A front kick from Sanchez puts Perez on the ground but he quickly gets up, just to get hit by a couple shots from Sanchez. Great body kick from Perez but more pressure from Sanchez has him up against the cage fighting the takedown. Just as we get to the final minute the referee breaks the two fighters up and puts them in the center of the Octagon. Immediately Perez goes for a leaping front kick that just barely misses the face of Sanchez. Perez connects with yet another body kick but Sanchez hits his own head kick. The final bell rings just as Perez gets what feels like his 30th kick to the body. Good fight.

Official result: Andrew Sanchez (29-28 x 3) defeats Markus Perez by unanimous decision.

Andrew Sanchez : “I dropped two fights due to fatigue because I had no composure. The key for this camp was composure. They key was training, hard sparring and the amazing coaches and training partners at Tristar. I’ve been working on my guard and getting hit while working on my mental strength and not getting angry. It’s a fight, you’re going to get hit. I’ve learned to accept that. I taunted him because I wanted him to get mad and do what I used to do. I used to get angry, throw a big shot, miss and gas. I wanted him to freak out. I could see his shots coming. “I haven’t really thought who I want next. I was on a two-fight losing streak, so it was just about survival. Let me go back to the drawing board and see who I want to fight.”

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Mickey Gall vs George Sullivan

69 seconds! @MickeyGall gets it done by RNC in round 1! #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 26, 2018

Thirty seconds in and Gall is very aggressive right off the bat taking down Sullivan and is able to get his back and secure a leg lock around Sullivan’s waste. Then after softening up the silencer Gall sinks in the rear naked choke for the quick victory. Incredible.

Official result: Mickey Gall defeats George Sullivan by submission via rear naked choke at 1:09 first round.

Mickey Gall : “I’m happy with the performance, but that’s something I know I can do any day. I didn’t really get to prove anything new to myself. It’s back to work. I’ve been working my striking tirelessly and I’m excited to put that on display. I planned to put it on display, but the choke was there. I’ve got more to do. We’re just scratching the surface. I respect George Sullivan. It was an honor to fight a Jersey legend. I want to fight at Madison Square Garden. I want to either run it back against the guy who beat me there, since we’re in the Cornhusker State, Sage ‘Corncutt’ or the legend Diego Sanchez. I think Diego would be a hot fight.”

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UFC Fight Night Lincoln: Gaethje vs Vick FIGHT PASS prelims

FIGHT PASS customers: Watch the prelims right here! | Don’t have FIGHT PASS? Sign up here

Joanne Calderwood vs Kalindra Faria

JOJO 2.0!!@DrKneevil transitions from a triangle to an arm bar and gets the tap with seconds left in round 1!! She gets her FIRST submission victory at #UFCLincoln!
— UFC (@ufc) August 25, 2018

Jojo opens up with a couple kicks but it’s a quick right from Faria that she follows up with a takedown that ends up with her in side mount. Jojo nearly gets up but Faria pushes her back to the canvas and the starts to work form guard. Faria is able to move herself into side guard but only for a moment as Jojo gets her back into guard. Halfway through the first round it’s been all Faria. A couple good shots from the top from Faria as she stands up to bring some straight punches down on Jojo. Then Jojo captures Faria in a triangle and starts dropping huge elbows. In the final ten seconds of the round JoJo transitions her triangle into an arm bar and earns her first career submission victory. Wow.

Official result: Jojo Calderwood defeats Kalindra Faria by submission via arm bar at 4:57 in the first round.

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Drew Dober vs Jon Tuck

Both guys swinging here in round 2! #UFCLincoln
— UFC (@ufc) August 25, 2018

Multiple pre-fight bows and a high five to start if off, both fighters showing big time respect. Tuck started things off with a nice leg kick but Dober responded with a nice body kick. Dober with a nice combination just past the one minute mark with the crowd chanting his name. Dober missed with a nice head kick and then Tuck caught Dober with a nice punch then stopped Doer in his tracks. Oth fighters very aggressive with their leg kicks with both continually pushing forward. Tuck makes a move and the two spent a little time in the clinch but then the fighters went back to the stand-up game. Dober starting to build a little momentum keeping Tuck pushed against the outside of the cage peppering him with shots. Swelling starting to form on the right eye of Dober and when the round is over Dober gives a high five and smiles at Tuck. Fun first round.

Tuck starts off with a kick but Dober avoids it and lands a nice jab. Tuck connects with a nice body kick early on but that doesn’t stop Dober from pushing forward. Tuck lands a right hand and follows it up with a massive head kick that lands clean but Dober isn’t fazed at all. Both fighters starting to throw down now, with Dober starting to bleed from his nose. Tuck shoots and is able to get into guard but Dober passes into side control and lays down a couple good shots. Tuck is trying to get up but Dober is able to pull him away from the cage and continue working from a dominant position. Tuck nails Dober with a few nice elbows but as the round ends Dober is fully in control dropping shots from the top. Dober ends the round by helping Tuck up. Still all class from the Nebraska native.

Final round starts and both fighters are smiling. Dober looking really fresh with some good movement. Nice straight shot from Dober as Tuck continues to rotate around the outside of the Octagon. Dober and Tuck trade big hooks with Tuck leaning against the fence until Dober shoots in for a takedown that is countered by a guillotine attempt, but Dober slips through into side control. Big elbows from Dober as the crowd chants his name. Good energy here inside Pinnacle Bank Arena. Dober continues to exercise his will in the ground and pound game, with Tuck struggling to get free. In the final minute Dober remained in control with Tuck finally able to get up just seconds before the bell rings. The home crowd cheers for Dober and the two embrace. Dominant performance from Dober.

Official result: Drew Dober defeats Jon Tuck by unanimous decision, (30-26 x 2, 30-27).

Drew Dober : “I was 17 year old watching the big show. Last time, I was in Omaha watching the UFC from the nosebleed seats. It’s surreal. You can’t really explain it, but it’s just another step on the ladder. There’s more to come. A free mind is a creative mind. I didn’t want to limit my options or weapons. I knew he’s a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, but I feel like I can beat any black belt in the world. If you give me any opening, I will take it. What’s next? Another man, another cage, another location. I don’t care.”

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Rani Yahya vs Luke Sanders

How slick is @RaniYahyaMMA?!

The Brazilian gets the first-round sub at #UFCLincoln!
— UFC (@ufc) August 25, 2018

After spending the majority of the first minute feeling each other out Yahya hit Sanders with a huge body kick followed up with a nice punch that stumbled “Cool hand”. Yahya saw that Sanders was hurt and went in for the take down, eventually pulling guard and attempted multiple submissions. After a brief scramble Yahya was able to secure the heel hook and finish the fight. Wow what a start here in Lincoln.

Official result: Rani Yahya defeats Luke Sanders by submission via a heel hook at 1:31 in the first round.

Rani Yahya : “He seemed to be very strong, but he had a loss on a kneebar. He couldn’t defend it much, so we thought leg locks were one of his weaknesses. We worked a lot on that. He was very strong physically.” I want to fight against the very best in the division. I want to fight for the title. I want to fight Dillashaw and become champion. I will tap him, just the way I tapped Sanders. I’m reaching my best level now. I’ve made many changes in my training camp and I have my confidence. At my best, I can beat anyone in this division.”

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