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UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov Results

Live Results, Winner Interviews And More From UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov, Live From The UFC APEX

UFC returns to Las Vegas with a pair of heavyweight bouts, headlined by a clash between elite strikers as No. 3 ranked contender Ciryl Gane battles No. 5 Alexander Volkov. In the co-main event Canadian standout Tanner Boser battles Ovince Saint Preux.

UFC FIGHT NIGHT: GANE vs VOLKOV will take place Saturday, June 26 from UFC APEX is Las Vegas. The entire card will be available in English and Spanish on ESPN+, starting with the prelims at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT and continuing with the main card at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT.

Undefeated Gane (8-0, fighting out of Paris, France) is coming off his first successful UFC main event, having bested fellow contender Jairzinho Rozenstruik in February. The former kickboxer immediately turned heads upon joining the UFC roster in 2019, picking up sensational wins over former champion Junior Dos Santos, Don'Tale Mayesr and Raphael Pessoa. Gane now hopes to continue his momentum with another high-level performance to stake his claim for a title shot.

Seasoned veteran Volkov (33-8, fighting out of Moscow, Russia) kicked off his 2021 campaign with a spectacular TKO victory over Alistair Overeem this past February. With 22 knockout victories on his resume, Volkov has also stopped former UFC champion Fabricio Werdum, Walt Harris and Stefan Struve in emphatic fashion. Volkov now has his sights on cementing his status as a title threat by handing Gane his first career loss.

Dynamic striker Boser (19-8-1, fighting out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) is wasting no time returning to the Octagon with his sight set on delivering another spectacular KO win. Throughout his UFC run he has earned impressive finishes against Raphael Pessoa and Philipe Lins. Boser now hopes to make the most of his second co-main event spot by stopping Saint Preux.

Talented finisher Saint Preux (25-15, fighting out of Knoxville, Tenn.) has proven to be just as skilled at striking as he is on the mat. A former interim light heavyweight title challenger, he has netted memorable wins against Tyson Pedro, Corey Anderson and Shogun Rua. Saint Preux now aims to deliver another highlight-reel victory to secure his first UFC win at heavyweight.


What time is UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov? 

  • Main Card: 4pm ET / 1pm PT
  • Prelims: 1pm ET / 10am PT

UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov Results

UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov Prelims

Yancy Medeiros vs Damir Hadžović

Saturday’s action kicked off in the lightweight division, as veterans Yancy Medeiros and Damir Hadžović locked horns in a bout originally scheduled to take place last month before being pushed back. Chris Tognoni was the third man in the cage.

Round 1: Hadžović right to the calf immediately, finding his range and attacking the lead leg of Medeiros. Another and Medeiros tries to come forward and get it back. Two more thrown and Medeiros tries to check the second. Right hand lands for “The Bosnian Bomber,” who is closing the distance well to start.

Spinning back kick from Medeiros goes wide and Hadžović clinches along the fence. Medeiros circles off and into space, then presses forward behind long punches that don’t land, mixing in some elbows. Good long jab lands for the Hawaiian, and he’s starting to throw it more, recognizing the success. Hadžović back to the calf again just past the midway point of the round.

Check hook scores for Medeiros, but Hadžović presses in immediately, landing a right and his patented inside knee. A trip takedown for Hadžović and he takes Medeiros’ back in the scramble, but can’t maintain as they work to the feet. A trio of rights find a home for Hadžović as they’re back in space, but Medeiros dealing with it well so far.

Medeiros back to the fundamentals and he’s landing, as Hadžović is a little more wild and wide. Good start to the day.

 Damir Hadzovic of Bosnia punches Yancy Medeiros in a lightweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on June 26, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)
Damir Hadzovic of Bosnia punches Yancy Medeiros in a lightweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on June 26, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Round 2: Low calf kick for Medeiros to start and he’s looking a little more aggressive out of the chute. Hadžović responds with heavy shots, but Medeiros responds in kind, prompting a takedown from Hadžović. Medeiros back up without issue and on the offensive again, throwing combinations, mixing in a kick to the body.

Clinched along the fence, Hadžović lands a knee to the body and reverse to the control position. Big, heavy shots along the fence from Hadžović, but Medeiros stands tall, firing off elbows in return. A big cut has opened under Medeiros’ left eye and Hadžović looks to mix it up, attacking the body and the calf once more.

Hadžović coming forward and Medeiros looks a little shaky on his feet, but he’s still trying to pump the jab. Hadžović slowing and his hands are dropping as we hit two minutes remaining. Single shots from both sides as Hadžović advances, only to catch a couple in return from Medeiros.

Now Hadžović steps on the gas again, landing a flurry of his own as they trade moments here late in the second. Medeiros looking for a trip late against the fence, but it’s not there, although he lands a clean elbow to the jaw on the break just before the horn.

Round 3: Touch of gloves to start the final stanza.

Low kick from Hadžović to start, but Medeiros looks to be leading the exchanges, only to eat heavy shots in return. Hadžović slinging big shots, prompting Tognoni to tell Medeiros to “fight back.” He gets clear of the fray and looks to attack while Hadžović recharges, and he lands a couple uppercuts in close.

Damir Hadzovic of Bosnia punches Yancy Medeiros in a lightweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on June 26, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)
Damir Hadzovic of Bosnia punches Yancy Medeiros in a lightweight fight during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on June 26, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

Hadžović ties up, but Medeiros slips around the back and drags him to the canvas with three minutes to work. Hadžović going two-on-one to avoid the choke, but Medeiros keeps pressing, switching choke arms, but he can’t complete it.

Hadžović reverses and gets to his feet, with the two clinching along the fence with two minutes remaining. Medeiros with another takedown, this time in space, and he scores with elbows from the top, climbing into mount. Another elbow lands and he’s looking for the choke again, but nothing doing. Hadžović is spent and Medeiros has a minute to get the finish.

Medeiros scrambles to the back with both hooks in; 45 seconds remaining.  Medeiros still hunting the chokes, but Hadžović is doing a good job of scrambling out, only for Medeiros to get under the neck in the final 10 seconds. The Hawaiian clamps down as the final seconds tick away and Hadžović makes it to the horn.

What an exhilarating fight to begin the festivities inside the UFC APEX!

The judges added up the tens and nines and the final tallies and despite Medeiros’ the late rally, it wasn’t enough, as Hadžović comes away with a unanimous decision victory.

Official Result: Damir Hadžović def. Yancy Medeiros by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Official Scorecards

Charles Rosa vs Justin Jaynes

Charles Rosa Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Charles Rosa Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Tough featherweights Charles Rosa and Justin Jaynes were the second tandem into the Octagon on Saturday, with referee Mike Beltran serving as the chaperone.

Round 1: Jaynes was staring daggers across the cage at Rosa during the introductions and pressed forward to start, looking to put Rosa on his back foot. Big lunging left lands for Jaynes as he closes the distance, following with a low leg kick. Another left connects, forcing Rosa to cover up.

Back in the center, Rosa looking to score with calf kicks of his own. Jaynes throwing hammers, just missing with the right. Rosa trying to be fundamentally sound, land small combos, but Jaynes counters with a heavy right. Kick to the body scores for Rosa, and he gets back to the basics with his hands. Same sequence occurs with Jaynes landing the right, throwing far less volume, but landing the bigger shots.

Rosa puts a little more heat on one and Jaynes covers up to deal with it. They’re starting to let fly a little more, with Rosa upping the pace and power in his shots, trying to walk down Jaynes and keep him off rhythm. Overhand right for Jaynes scores again, and again, but Rosa isn’t bothered and just keeps coming forward, flicking out shots, ducking in for a takedown with 30 seconds left, dumping Jaynes to the canvas and landing in side control before climbing into mount.

Jaynes swims into top position, Rosa nearly hits him with an illegal kick, and the horn sounds. Fun round.

Round 2: Beltran reminds Rosa to watch the kicks when Jaynes is down and the round begins with Jaynes coming out chasing a big right hand.

They trade punches in the center and Rosa blasts Jaynes with a calf kick that clearly stings him. Jaynes attacks a takedown, but Rosa jumps on a guillotine, only for Jaynes to pop free quickly. Rosa scrambles to his feet, but Jaynes stays sticky, controlling the waist as they battle not he cage.

Rosa shakes free and grabs a front headlock, dragging Jaynes to his knees, hanging on him. Rosa looking for a D’arce Choke, but Jaynes defends well. Rosa looks to attack, trapping Jaynes’ arm as they scramble and land in a bit of a stalemate position. Jaynes is busted up as he’s stuck on the ground, his arm trapped beneath Rosa.

Short shots from Rosa as Jaynes continues trying to create space and get free. Jaynes powers up, putting Rosa on his back, but he’s still trapped in a crucifix of sorts with short time. Jaynes finally explodes and Rosa immediately attacks with a triangle as the horn sounds.

Round 3: Jaynes misses on a lunging left to start the final round. Rosa avoiding the wild hooks from Jaynes and dives in on a single leg in space. Jaynes can’t stuff it and Rosa moves to side control, immediately working for an arm triangle choke, which Jaynes recognizes and defends.

Rosa working methodically from top position, looking at a north-south choke, but nothing doing. Jaynes times his scramble and gets back to his feet, and now he’s hunting big shots, knowing he needs a finish. Big counter left wobbles Rosa as he comes forward, but Jaynes can’t follow up.

Big uppercut scores for Jaynes and he’s got Rosa moving backwards. He chases him into the fence with strikes and pulls a takedown, putting Rosa on his back and attacking an arm triangle choke of his own. Rosa defending well, but he’s got to hold on for more than a minute. Jaynes stretched out correctly, but Rosa gathers Jaynes’ body and gets out.

Jaynes in top position in Rosa’s guard, with Rosa threatening a kimura sweep, which creates a scramble and allows Rosa to get back to his feet. Rosa dumps Jaynes to the ground and ends the fight on top, unloading strikes.

The judges were called upon to render a decision, with the trio being split, with Rosa landing on the happy side of the verdict.

Official Result: Charles Rosa def. Justin Jaynes by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Julia Avila vs Julija Stoliarenko

Julia Avila Submits Stoliarenko In The Final Minute | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Julia Avila Submits Stoliarenko In The Final Minute | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

The lone female fight of the evening was contested in the bantamweight division as Julia Avila and Julija Stoliarenko finally stepped in across from one another after the fight was postponed earlier in the year. Jason Herzog handled the officiating.

Round 1: Touch of gloves to start and Avila knocks Stoliarenko off balance with the first shot she throws. Stoliarenko throwing long strikes while Avila mans the center, looking for an opening. Big right hand lands as Avila presses forward and she’s swarming Stoliarenko, adding two front kicks to the face that lands in the middle of a combination that busts up the Lithuanian.

Stoliarenko looks to shoot, but nothing doing as they hit the midway point of the round. Outside kick to the thigh for Stoliarenko as Avila remains patient in the center. They trade winging shots and Avila lands hard again, but Stoliarenko backs away to reset, trying to keep things clean and fundamentally sound against the more wild Avila.

Kick to the midsection lands for Stoliarenko, who has done a good job landing singles in space, adding another kick that lands on the elbow, causing her some discomfort just prior to the horn.

Round 2: Long push kick from Avila to start, landing on the thigh. Inside kick for Stoliarenko, followed by a right hand. Avila responds after getting hit and gets her opponent’s nose leaking once again. Body kick and a right hand behind it scores for Avila, but Stoliarenko drives into a takedown.

Avila looks to defend with a leg lock, only for Stoliarenko to attack the same in response, prompting Avila to scramble free. Stoliarenko follows her to the feet, landing as she closes the distance and presses into the clinch along the cage. Stoliarenko hanging on the single, but Avila defending well, stuffing the head and landing short shots as she dumps Stoliarenko to the ground and attacks with kicks to the thighs.

Stoliarenko gets up, but she’s beat up, looking to wrestle to limit the damage. Avila pops her with a few short shots along the fence as Stoliarenko just looks to clinch, her nose streaming crimson as they remain stalemated in the clinch through to the buzzer.

Julia Avila Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Julia Avila Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 3: The doctor checks out Stoliarenko’s nose between rounds, gives her the “good to go” and they’re back out to battle in the final five minutes.

Big right hand for Avila lands immediately and she presses forward behind it, landing in the clinch, with Stoliarenko taking the control position along the fence. Avila tries to pummel and power out, mixing short shots in, but Stoliarenko remains heavy. Sneaky takedown for Avila and she lands on top, attacking with short shots, only to have the Lithuanian immediately start looking for submission attempts.

Avila flattens her out in half guard, halfway through the round, taking a little breather as she secures the position. Stoliarenko times a reversal nicely, but Avila rolls with it and takes her back in the scramble, getting her hooks in. Stoliarenko bucks, looking for another submission, only for the action to be paused by Herzog to address Stoliarenko’s toes being in the fence.

On the re-start, Avila continues hunting for the choke and finally slides the arm under the chin. She tightens up her squeeze and Stoliarenko is forced to tap! Big finish for Avila, who immediately begins crying as Herzog stops the fight.

Outstanding effort from an emotional “Raging Panda,” who gets herself back into the win column in impressive fashion.

Official Result: Julia Avila def. Julija Stoliarenko by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:19 of Round 3.

Athlete Profiles: Julia Avila | Julija Stoliarenko

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Marcin Prachnio vs Ike Villanueva

Marcin Prachnio Finishes Villanueva With A Body Kick | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Marcin Prachnio Finishes Villanueva With A Body Kick | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Marcin Prachnio and Ike Villanueva each looked to tack a second consecutive victory onto their resume after getting their first UFC victories last time out in this combustible light heavyweight matchup, where Herb Dean served as the third man in the cage.

Round 1: Touch of gloves to start and Prachnio attacks with a jab and an inside low kick, as Villanueva looks to close the distance and pressure.

Big heavy shots landing early for “Hurricane Ike” and Prachnio is covering up along the fence. He circles into space, but Villanueva is staying on him. Prachinio is busted up around his left eye, but still firing, catching Villanueva coming in. The big Texan is landing hands, but Prachnio offers up a high kick that doesn’t quite land.

Villanueva making good reads so far, catching Prachnio with uppercuts as he dips his head. Now the Polish fighter is trying to stay outside more, but Villanueva won’t let him, continuing to press forward, getting inside Prachnio’s range. High kick lands for Prachnio and a low kick follows soon after, but Villanueva continues to walk him down.

Villanueva laboring a little with his lead leg and Prachnio is targeting it now with a minute remaining. Another one dug in and Villanueva is hopping on his lead leg now. That leg is compromised and it’s preventing Villanueva from coming forward. Late in the frame, Villanueva catches a kick and dumps Prachnio to the canvas, bombing big shots through the horn before shuffling back to his corner on a bad wheel.

Marcin Prachnio Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Marcin Prachnio Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

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Round 2: Left hand to start for Prachnio as he’s trying to stay outside and work around Villanueva, mixing in body shots as he hustles in, scores, and gets back out.

Body kick crashes home and Villanueva is down! Herb Dean rushes in and this one is all over; no follow-ups required.

Heavy, heavy shot to the liver and it’s all over. Just a beautiful finish from Marcin Prachnio.

Official Result: Marcin Prachnio def. Ike Villanueva by KO (liver kick) at 0:56 of Round 2

Athlete Profiles: Marcin Prachnio | Ike Villanueva

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Warlley Alves vs Jeremiah Wells

Jeremiah Wells Delivers Incredible KO In His UFC Debut | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Jeremiah Wells Delivers Incredible KO In His UFC Debut | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

TUF Brazil winner Warlley Alves welcomed Jeremiah Wells to the Octagon for the first time in this short-notice welterweight pairing. Chris Tognoni served as the referee.

Round 1: Alves takes the center to start and Wells comes across the cage and attacks right away, resulting in the Brazilian tumbling to the canvas, giving the newcomer a chance to climb into top position immediately.

Wells works to control the wrist and feed it behind Alves’ back, opening up with big right hands along the fence. Alves gets his arm back, but he’s eating shots to the dome as Wells continues to pressure from top position. Wells backs off, Alves fires an upkick, and creates space to get back to his feet with three minutes remaining in the round.

Wells on the waist, looking for a takedown, but Alves defends well. They break into space and Wells again jumps forward with a long, powerful right hand. Alves lands a low calf kick and avoids the return fire. Wells loading up on everything, but Alves is starting to slip the shots and score little shots of his own.

Jeremiah Wells Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Jeremiah Wells Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Knee to the body for Alves as Wells looks to clinch, driving the Brazilian back into the cage. Alves tries a hip toss, nothing doing, but he switches to clamp onto a guillotine. Wells escapes, but he’s on his back and showing a cut over his left eye as the round comes to an end with Alves just missing on an axe kick.

Wild stuff to start from the welterweights.

Round 2: Alves out quick to start, looking for a flying strike that doesn’t land. Wells rushing forward with heavy, wide shots, and catches Alves with a big punch as he looks to close the distance. Wells chases him down, connects again and Alves is out.

Replays show it’s a right hand as Alves threw a naked kick that first rocked him, and the pistons in the center of the Octagon to follow ended things in a hurry.

What a debut for Jeremiah Wells!

Official Result: Jeremiah Wells def. Warlley Alves by KO (strikes) at 0:30 of Round 2

Athlete Profiles: Warlley Alves | Jeremiah Wells

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Shavkat Rakhmonov vs Michel Prazeres

Shavkat Rakhmonov Taps Out Prazeres | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Shavkat Rakhmonov Taps Out Prazeres | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

The penultimate fight on the prelims was contested in the welterweight division, where unbeaten prospect Shavkat Rakhmonov stepped in with the returning Brazilian fire hydrant Michel Prazeres, with respected veteran official Mike Beltran overseeing the festivities.

Round 1: These two look weird standing opposite one another in the center of the Octagon, Rakhmonov towering over Prazeres as they feint at one another, looking to find their range. Prazeres lands to the lead leg and swings wildly, but Rakhmonov slips away without issue.

A long jab scores for Rakhmonov, prompting Prazeres to close the distance soon after, driving the unbeaten prospect to the fence. Rakhmonov hits an outside trip to put Prazeres on his back, landing in the full guard, circling the Brazilian away from the fence, staying chest-to-chest.

Prazeres’ guard is closed and both men are just picking with little shots, neither landing anything of substance. Rakhmonov looks to posture up, and lands a right hand. Prazeres scrambles and Rakhmonov looks at the front headlock. He scores with a knee to the body as the two pummel into the fence, with Rakhmonov using a heavy whizzer to avoid the takedown.

Rkahmonov pushes off the fence, reversing to the control position and landing a knee to the thigh late in the frame before the horn sounds to end the round.

Shavkat Rakhmonov Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Shavkat Rakhmonov Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 2: A fist bump and we’re underway in the second round.

A spin kick misses for Rakhmonov as he looks to pressure a little more. Prazeres backs him off with a right hand that misses, and Rakhmonov responds with a long one-two of his own. A spinning wheel kick glances, and Prazeres tried to attack a takedown. Rakhmonov connects with a stepping knee that hurts the Brazilian, and Rakhmonov drives him to the ground, landing big punches from top position.

Rakhmonov working around to the back and quickly sinks the arm under the chin. As soon as he starts to squeeze, Prazeres taps, and this one is over.

That’s another big submission win for the undefeated UFC sophomore, who is quickly looking like a force to be reckoned with in the welterweight division.

Official Result: Shavkat Rakhmonov def. Michel Prazeres by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:10 of Round 2

Athlete Profiles: Shavkat Rakhmonov | Michel Prazeres

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Kennedy Nzechukwu vs Danilo Marques

Kennedy Nzechukwu TKOs Marques To Complete Comeback | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Kennedy Nzechukwu TKOs Marques To Complete Comeback | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

It was a clash of surging light heavyweights as Kennedy Nzechukwu and Danilo Marques wrapped up the prelims on Saturday, each man searching for a third straight UFC victory. Jason Herzog joined the 205-pound hopefuls.

Round 1: Marques wasted no time attacking the single leg, slinging Nzechukwu to the canvas and climbing onto his back, landing as a backpack with the body triangle less than 30 seconds in.

Nzechukwu burrowed into the fence, covering up as Marques tries to land shots from his back. Marques trying to fish the hands under, prompting Sayif Saud to holler at his charge to “fight the hands.” Marques tries to push off the cage to create space, but there is nothing there. Nzechukwu fights the grip as Marques tries to find a choke as the chess game continues, with Herzog swiping Marques’ hand off the top of the cage.

Marques pushes off the cage and tries to get his arm under the chin, but Nzechukwu defends well. This was all Marques, and it will be interesting to see how things progress from here.

Kennedy Nzechukwu Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Kennedy Nzechukwu Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 2: Body kick from Marques to start the second as they paw with each other in the center. Nzechukwu lands a nice right hand in response — his first land of the fight — and he gets his hips back quickly as Marques looks to close the distance.

Marques telegraphing the takedown attempts as Nzechukwu scores with individual shots on the feet. Marques grabs a single, elevates and dumps Nzechukwu, sweeping out the legs as he takes the back, locking on a body triangle immediately. Positioned in front of his corner, Marques controls Nzechukwu’s posture and pulls him down, stretching him out as he looks for a choke or a neck crank.

Nzechukwu gets to his knees and clambers to this feet, working free and unloading offence, turning up the pressure. Marques grabs a single, tries to elevate, and slips to the waist again, but Nzechukwu stays standing, fighting the hands. Nzechukwu breaks free and unloads shots to the horn.

Round 3: Nzechukwu comes out swarming Marques with punches, following his corner’s instructions to a tee, crashing home a long enough string of unanswered punches that Herzog has no choice but to step in and wave off the fight.

What a comeback by Nzechukwu to extend his winning streak to three with another gutsy effort.

Official Result: Kennedy Nzechukwu def. Danilo Marques by TKO (strikes) at 0:20 of Round 3

Athlete Profiles: Kennedy Nzechukwu | Danilo Marques

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UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov Main Card

Renato Moicano vs Jai Herbert

Renato Moicano Secures Rear Naked Choke Victory Over Herbert | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Renato Moicano Secures Rear Naked Choke Victory Over Herbert | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Main card action kicked off in the lightweight division as Brazilian Renato Moicano squared off with the “Black Country Banger,” Jai Herbert, in a clash of veterans looking to get back into the win column. Chris Tognoni was tabbed to oversee the festivities.

Round 1: Touch of gloves and the main card is underway.

Low kick to start from Herbert and Moicano looks to close the distance, grabbing a body lock and gently placing Herbert on the canvas. The Brit kicks free, gets to his feet, but Moicano puts him back down quickly, landing in half-guard, climbing to side control and then advancing to mount with three minutes to work.

Short punches from the top for Moicano as Herbert elevates the hips and scrambles, getting his back to the fence, only for the Brazilian to again climb into mount. Herbert again creates space and scrambles, getting to his feet and the control position, breaking into space.

A right hand lands for Herbert as he looks to get something back in the final 90 seconds of the round. A good left hook stings Moicano, who looks a little static and heavy on his feet, only to change levels and move right into mount on the takedown as Herbert closes the distance. Punches from Moicano as Herbert recovers half-guard and the first round comes to a close.

Renato Moicano Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Renato Moicano Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 2: Herbert looking to move on the outside to start the second, but Moicano rushes forward, spinning him to the floor with a body lock. Right into mount and landing right hands for Moicano, as Herbert tries to create space and scramble. The Brit recovers half, but Moicano climbs over again, hunting for the back as Herbert gets to his feet, climbing on and flattening him out as he does.

Herbert gets his shoulders to the canvas, giving up mount. A short elbow from the Brazilian, who looks to posture up and find an opening to clamp onto a choke. Herbert is active off his back, but Moicano is keeping him on the ground, doing a better job of shutting down the scrambles, drawing out a little more of Herbert’s energy without expending much of his own.

Big shots from top position for Moicano brings Tognoni in for a closer look and Moicano is trying to get him out of there. Herbert rolls to his stomach, Moicano gets under the chin, and this one is done.

Just a dominant effort from the Brazilian veteran, playing to his strengths and working to a finish.

Official Result: Renato Moicano def. Jai Herbert by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:34 of Round 2

Athlete Profiles: Renato Moicano | Jai Herbert

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Tim Means vs Nicolas Dalby

Battle-tested welterweights Tim Means and Nicolas Dalby locked horns in the second main card matchup, with Jason Herzog serving as the third man in the Octagon for the potentially explosive contest.

Round 1: Dalby takes the center in a karate stance and they’re getting loose right away. Means landing big bombs, Dalby offering responses, and Means hits a beautiful lateral drop in the center of the Octagon, passing to side control with ease.

Knee to the body from Means as he keeps Dalby’s shoulders on the mat, working methodically to find space to mount or attack. Dalby creates space and gets to his knees along the fence, with Means locked in tight to his body, controlling the position. Short punches to the body for Means, head shots in response from Dalby, who is breathing extremely heavily.

They break into space and Means lands an inside leg kick. Dalby responds in kind and closes the distance, the duo trading knees to the body. Means breaks free, Dalby shows a cut over his right eye, and Means presses forward, landing a couple clean shots as the Danish veteran stumbles along the fence. Means closes the distance, forcing Dalby to carry his weight, sticking a knee into the midsection as they break to end the round.

Round 2: Dalby lands a calf kick to start and looks to close the distance, pressuring Means, who circles out and digs two body shots into Dalby’s midsection. Kick from Dalby, but Means is coming forward undeterred. Good kick and a knee to the body behind it from Dalby, but Means still seems completely unbothered, landing clean lefts as Dalby comes in.

High kick from Means lands and he blasts home elbows in tight as they clinch on the fence. Dalby standing his ground as Means lands the bigger blows in every exchange. Dalby changes levels and Means stuffs it easily. Head kick from Dalby bounces off Means’ head, but “The Dirty Bird” doesn’t flinch, throwing compact, clean punches in return.

Back in the center with 90 seconds left, Means scores with a head kick of his own, following with short elbows in close. An inside leg kick puts Dalby on the deck, Means following him to the canvas, settling in side control and riding out the round from there.

Tim Means Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Tim Means Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 3: Means across the cage quickly to start, connecting with a body kick, and Dalby wobbles him with the return fire. Business is picking up as “Danish Dynamite” knows he needs a finish and is going hunting for it.

Means ties up with Dalby on the fence, stuck against the cage, but happy to catch a little breather now that he’s dealing with a mangled nose. Means reverses position on the fence and looks for a single, but Dalby is able to limp-leg free. Three minutes to go and Means is pressing Dalby into the fence, content to keep things here, giving Dalby no room to work while burning valuable seconds off the clock.

Dalby finally breaks free and they trade big swings, Dalby landing the better shots as Means again looks to close the distance and clinch. Herzog has allowed them to keep working here thus far, so Dalby needs to get free quickly, but Means is doing his best to deny him that opportunity, staying chest-to-chest.

Dalby gets clear for a moment, but Means shoves him into the fence once more, avoiding the last ditch effort from the Danish stalwart.

This one was as advertised, and the judges all saw it the same way, awarding Means the unanimous decision victory with scores of 29-28 across the board.

Official Result: Tim Means def. Nicolas Dalby by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Andre FIli vs Daniel Pineda

Scrappy, tattooed featherweights looked to keep the exciting action going as Team Alpha Male’s Andre Fili shared the dance floor with Houston’s Daniel “The Pit” Pineda. Herb Dean oversaw the action in the 145-pound affair.

Round 1: Right hand for Pineda scores right off the start as Fili looks to work behind the jab. Fili doubles up and knocks Pineda off balance, prompting him to clinch as Fili comes forward. Fili breaks free, lands another short left, and follows with a right, putting Pineda on the deck.

The veteran gets back to his feet, but Fili is still in his face, flicking out the jab again. Pineda in on the takedown, but Fili is able to get his hips back. Knee up the middle in the clinch from Fili as Pineda is content to press his opponent into the fence. Fili creates space and breaks free, attacking behind long punches.

A low kick scores for Pineda, but Fili responds by going upstairs. Punches and another kick follow and Pineda is busted up and clearly hurt. Pineda chops with another leg kick, prompting Fili to switch stances. Fili connects with a liver kick that drops Pineda and Fili chases him to the canvas, landing another big punch, but making the mistake of falling into Pineda’s guard as the clock runs out on the round.

Round 2: Fili remains southpaw to start the second and he rips another kick to the body. Pineda shoots, Fili sprawls, and continues battering him with punches in space. Pineda tries to close the distance and gets poked in the eye, bringing the action to a momentary pause.

The doctor comes in to check out Pineda’s eye, who says he wants to continue. The doctor tells Pineda, “You’re not opening your eye,” and when he asks him “How many fingers?” Pineda cannot answer correctly, resulting in the fight being halted.

Pineda is in tears and Fili is both frustrated and apologetic, knowing the fight will be declared a No Contest due to the accidental foul. It’s an unfortunate way to end an entertaining fight where Fili looked outstanding.

Official Result: Andre Fili vs. Daniel Pineda is declared a No Contest (accidental eye poke) at 0:46 of Round 2

Raoni Barcelos vs Timur Valiev

Raoni Barcelos and Timur Valiev manned the middle of the main card, squaring off in an intriguing matchup between impressive emerging bantamweights. Mike Beltran was the third man in the Octagon.

Round 1: Feints and movement to start this one, as each man looked to figure out their range without throwing or landing much over the opening minute. Valiev offers an overhand right, Barcelos counters with a body kick, but neither land clean. Barcelos pops Valiev with a short right hand as he tries to close the distance, following with a long, sharp jab.

Two outside kicks for Valiev tickle the calf as we reach the midway point of the round. Barcelos misses with an uppercut, but uses it to close the distance, initiating the clinch along the fence, though they quickly break. Left for Valiev, inside low kick for Barcelos, making sure to return fire every time Valiev lands. Valiev to the outside of the calf again. Jab scores for Barcelos. One minute.

Superman punch finds a home for Valiev, but Barcelos eats it like lunch. Low kick for Barcelos and now Valiev hunts for a takedown, attacking a single and driving the Brazilian back into the cage. Nothing doing and they end the round in space.

Round 2: Inside calf kick to start for Barcelos, who is pressing forward more now, showing more activity as his corner asked. Right hand misses, but he lands one soon after. Jab scores for Valiev. They’re both a little more active here, Valiev scoring with punches of his own, Barcelos answering.

Valiev on a single, but Barcelos denies it, keeping it standing and pressing forward again through the first two minutes of the round. Right hand counter lands for Barcelos and they trade shots in close, Valiev landing with a hook, Barcelos an uppercut. Valiev scores with another calf kick and hook to the body, Barcelos responds with another uppercut as business picks up.

Valiev lunges in and gets backed up with a check hook. They trade body kicks and it’s a “give-and-get” situation here. Barcelos rocks Valiev with a counter, putting him on the deck with a sharp right hand and swarming him on the canvas. Barcelos connects with a nasty uppercut as Valiev looks to get up and he’s right back down.

Not sure how Valiev survived, but we’re off to Round 3.

Timur Valiev Octagon Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Timur Valiev Octagon Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 3: Barcelos coming forward, stuffs the shot and fires off the uppercut. Valiev looks like he’s still a little unsure on his feet, but he’s throwing and getting his wits back. Another uppercut and a right hand from Barcelos, only for Valiev to respond with an overhand right.

Right hand for Valiev lands clean as Barcelos is looking to counter, offering very little offence of his own thus far. The Brazilian trying to walk down Valiev, but “Lucky” keeps moving, keeps pumping out the jab, and looks for a takedown, which Barcelos defends well. Jab for Barcelos pops Valiev’s mouthguard out a little and a right hand follows, but Valiev stays active.

Valiev offers and Barcelos counters, landing with the left as we hit the final minute. Another right connects for Barcelos as Valiev flicks out low kicks. Another right lands clean and sharp for Barcelos and the final horn sounds, bringing this competitive affair to a close.

It’s going to come down to volume versus damage and whether any of the judges scored the second 10-8, as Valiev was the more active fighter and Barcelos landed the more impactful blows throughout.

When the scores were tallied, one judge saw the fight even and the other two seeing it for Valiev, handing the “Iron Army” representative his second consecutive victory.

Official Result: Timur Valiev def. Raoni Barcelos by majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Athlete Profiles: Raoni Barcelos | Timur Valiev

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Co-Main Event: Tanner Boser vs Ovince Saint Preux

Tanner Boser Knocks Out OSP | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Tanner Boser Knocks Out OSP | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Canadian heavyweight Tanner Boser made the quick turnaround in the co-main event, sharing the Octagon with veteran light heavyweight Ovince Saint Preux, who moved up to the big boy ranks for the second time in his UFC career. Jason Herzog joined them inside the Octagon.

Round 1: Touch of gloves and we’re underway.

Boser comes forward, landing an inside low kick, pawing with the jab. Two more kicks from Boser, the second one checked by Saint Preux. Lots of activity from Boser here, showing a greater sense of urgency than he did in his last two outings. Overhand right lands for the Canadian, followed by another inside kick, with Saint Preux yet to offer much in return.

Another big swing from Boser, missing with the right, just ahead of the three-minute mark. More low kicks from Boser and he rushes in behind punches, exiting to space without any return fire. Body kick and low kick from Boser both score; the Canuck looks sharp.

Boser catches Saint Preux ducking down into a kick, but the veteran deals with it without issue. Another one lands to the body. One minute left. Front kick to the midsection for OSP, but Boser won’t get off the gas, pressuring with punches and kicks in combination. Saint Preux offers a kick of his own, caught on the arms by Boser. HORN!

Tanner Boser Octagon Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Tanner Boser Octagon Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 2: Kick to the body for Saint Preux, but Boser responds with a low kick that stings the veteran. Jab scores for Boser and Saint Preux looks to wrestle, twisting the Canadian to the canvas, landing in side control along the fence.

Saint Preux climbs into half guard and Boser recovers full guard, tying up the arms. Boser appears to grab the fence to help him get leverage to stand and works back to his feet. Saint Preux shoots again, Boser sprawls, and as they get back to the feet, the Canadian lands a knee to the head in tight and uncorks a right hand that drops Saint Preux.

This one is done, though you can expect there to be plenty of talk about how the final stretch played out.

Official Result: Tanner Boser def. Ovince Saint Preux by KO (strikes) at 2:31 of Round 2

Athlete Profiles: Tanner Boser | Ovince Saint Preux

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Main Event: Ciryl Gane vs Alexander Volkov

Ciryl Gane Octagon Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Ciryl Gane Octagon Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Heavyweights headlined Saturday’s action inside the UFC APEX, with undefeated French standout Ciryl Gane taking on surging Russian veteran Alexander Volkov, with Herb Dean tasked with chaperoning the talented contenders.

Round 1: Touch of gloves and the main event is underway. Volkov with a low kick to start, mixing one to the body. Inside now with the kick, and Gane responds. Gane on his toes, moving well, pawing with a
left as Volkov looks to close the distance. Front kick up the middle from Volkov as Gane continues to try to find his range.

Clean jab from Gane, with a body kick blocked behind it. Gane backing up Volkov as they trade kicks in the center. Gane switching stances, staying light on his feet. Front kick up the middle from Gane. Volkov offers a combination of punches that are blocked. Overhand right lands for Gane and he uses it to rush in for a level change. Volkov defends and Gane lets it go.

Body kick for Volkov, and a low kick. Left hand for Gane scores in response. Gane lands it again as Volkov works for kicks. One-two lands for Gane in the final seconds of the round.

Round 2: Jab lands to start for Gane, and he walks Volkov down momentarily. The jab lands again. Volkov counters with light kicks, but Gane is keeping him off rhythm. High kick offered by Volkov, but it’s wide.
Good low kick for the Russian. Another stiff jab from Gane with two minutes down.

Outside kick connects for Gane, answered by Volkov. Left hand scores twice for Gane. High kick from Gane bounces off Volkov’s arms and unbalances him. Two minutes left. Time is called for an eye poke, but we’re back at it right away.

Stepping knee to the body for Gane as he closes the distance. His movement is frustrating Volkov here. One-two for Volkov lands, but Gane comes forward in response, backing him up again behind punches. Another clean jab finds Volkov’s chin. Lunging punches miss from Gane as they continue to feint and look for openings to the horn.

Round 3: Left-hand counter for Volkov connects to start the round. Gane lands a right and a left as he backs Volkov into the fence. Another left finds the mark, and a jab behind it. Body kick for Gane, who slips to the canvas, but is up quickly. Jab to the body from Gane and he circles out as
Volkov looks to advance; heady stuff from the French heavyweight.

Combination in tight from Gane and he’s starting to turn it up here. Long left to the body lands and he still looks loose and fluid, while Volkov’s punches are more labored.

High kick blocked by the hands of Volkov. Another left to the body. Right hand for Volkov lands, and Gane blasts back with an uppercut, turning his nose into a crimson faucet. Front kick to the body from Gane and another left hand. Another kick to the body with another left to the midsection there as well.The pace has quickened as we head to the championship rounds.

Ciryl Gane Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov
Ciryl Gane Post-Fight Interview | UFC Fight Night: Gane vs Volkov

Round 4: They touch gloves and meet in the center, Gane looking the fresher of the two, pressing forward, hunting for big shots more than he has over his last couple fights.

The jab scores again and Gane clinches up, landing on the break before going back to the jab. Good couple of punches from Volkov, who needs to let go with his weapons. Gane grabs a single, Volkov stuffs it, and they move back into space. Knee to the body from Gane as he closes the distance, following it with a kick to the midsection seconds later.

Two minutes left.

Jab pops Volkov’s head back. Body kick again from Gane. He switches orthodox, lands a jab, and goes back to southpaw, landing another jab, before continuing to work the body with kicks and punches. Gane loads up an overhand right that misses as the round comes to an end.

Round 5: Five minutes left.

Right hand for Volkov lands. Both throwing a little more here to start, Gane landing an uppercut inside as they get a little looser here late in the fight. Good jab for Volkov. Stepping in knee to the body from Gane
finds the mark and he continues to press forward, throwing out the jab.

Overhand right is blocked, but Gane keeps the volume coming, chasing jabs and power shots. Big kick caught on the forearms by Volkov. Both men swinging and Gane connects with a right hand in the exchange.

Two minutes.

Gane with a half-hearted level change — nothing doing — but Volkov can’t make him pay. Another kick to the body lands for Gane, but so does an eye poke and the action is halted. Volkov in extreme discomfort and the doctor is in to check things out, but Dean is giving Volkov time to recover first.

The doctor takes a look and Volkov wipes his eye clean. Volkov passes the “How many fingers?” test, Gane gets a final warning, and we’re back for the final 40 seconds.

High kick from Gane is blocked. Low kicks from Volkov. They clap out the final 10 seconds and we hear the horn, bringing the fight to a close and sending the decision to the judges.

All three judges see the contest in favor of Gane, who moves to 9-0 overall and 6-0 inside the Octagon with the victory, continuing his undefeated ascent towards the top of the heavyweight division.

Official Result: Ciryl Gane def. Alexander Volkov by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 49-46)

Athlete Profiles: Ciryl Gane | Alexander Volkov

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