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UFC Athletes Celebrate International Women's Day

See What Some Of UFC's Stars Had To Say About The Growth Of Women's MMA:

See What Some Of UFC's Stars Had To Say About The Growth Of Women's MMA:

UFC Athletes Celebrate The Growth Of Women's MMA
UFC Athletes Celebrate The Growth Of Women's MMA

Amanda Nunes

I really think that we are very strong. That is the main thing. What we want to do, we are able to do. Just don’t give up and that’s exactly what I tell people. Everything that I do out there, that women see, they can do as well. I want to show them they can do it too and help them to be strong moving forward. I’m very happy to be that person.

I can run through everything, the ups and downs in my life. I am strong and every woman out there can be like me. You are strong enough to make your dreams come true. Everything is going to change in the future.

Drew Dober

Women’s MMA has just been growing lightyears and the talent that these women have have entering the cage… it’s just a huge honor to be able to train and compete with women in MMA.

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Angela Hill

I remember when I was a kid WNBA was such a big thing… I feel like [women’s MMA] this generations version of that. We are like the WNBA of the 90’s. It’s really awesome being part of that movement and that just gets more women into competing. When I was a kid there were no wrestling classes for women, I couldn’t play the sports I wanted play really and now that’s not the case. Now you see little girls be able to do just about everything. I’m hoping that just keeps growing and keeps improving the quality of life for little Tom Boy’s like I was.

Jan Blachowicz

[Joanna Jeddrzejczyk] and I are like fight brother and sister. She supports me before my fights, and I support her before her fights. She shows that someone from Poland can be the champion. Someone from a small city, from nowhere can be the champion and be a star in the world. We started to believe in ourselves because of her. Sometimes [when women fight] they fight better than when men fight.

Dominick Cruz

It’s cool to see how the world has just been accepting the power of women. It’s called the arc of polarity; you have masculine energy and feminine energy and in a perfect world they work together and make each other better and strong. We are finally getting into a place where we are starting to balance each other out.

Aleksandar Rakic

The fights are getting more exciting, a lot of knockouts a lot of submissions. The girls are getting more technical and very powerful now. The featherweight division, those girls have power. It’s good for the sport.

Lineage Of The Strawweight Division | International Women's Day
Lineage Of The Strawweight Division | International Women's Day

Sabina Mazo

I feel in the past years it’s been evolving so much; you see more and more girls on the card and girls fighting for the belt with high level technique. Girls are savage and they always go in there and give their all. I feel it’s always exciting to see women and I’m excited to be a part of this journey as well. It’s an honor to represent women inside the Octagon.

Aljamain Sterling

I think the women’s divisions in all the weight classes have grown a ton. I think we’ve started to see a lot of development with those weight classes, a lot of new faces. The skill sets are getting a lot better. A lot of good things are to come for the female weight divisions and I’m excited to see what they can do.

You see Amanda Nunes she’s out there crushing the competition, Valentina Shevchenko, Zhang Weili, Rose Namajunas and a lot of pioneers like Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Ronda Rousey. They set the blueprint and the foundation for everyone and I think it’s going to be great for the future going forward.

Mayra Bueno Silva

All women, not only fighters, but all women in the world, we know how hard it is for us to achieve anything, because we know we must work twice as hard. But to all women in the world, I want to tell you something: we can do whatever we want to. Everything is possible.

I usually say in Brazil, if I want to sell popsicles in the street, if selling popsicles is my dream, I’ll be the best popsicle seller in the world, because that’s my dream. If I want to be a MMA athlete, you can trust me on this, I’ll be the best MMA athlete in the world Because everything is possible for those who believe. So, I’ll leave a message for all women: Believe. Work hard. Don’t just believe and wait, but work hard, because I’m sure we can do whatever. We are strong enough to take everything the world throws at us, we are very strong.

Israel Adesanya

Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Zhang Weili they really showed out and showed what women’s MMA is really all about.

Joseph Benavidez

It’s incredible. The growth has been amazing. From Dana White saying that women won’t be in MMA to Ronda Rousey being our biggest, highest selling star. One of our first crossover stars that was known outside of the MMA world. She is a big part of it. The skill is always undeniable but it obviously took time, but once you start watching as fan, you’ll recognize the skill… You know when there is a girl fight on the card it’s a must watch fight.

Megan Anderson

I don’t get to see it since I live in Kansas City so I don’t get to see the energy and the effect of the growth because I don’t get to go home as much and feel that support. But to have that support means the world. It’s a big deal.

Song Yadong

The sport really encourages women to be strong and to be confident.

Alexander Hernandez

They are cyborgs and calculated killers on the mat and the same goes for the cage. There is just a different level of mental fortitude that you see from women that you see sometimes and sure, there are different dynamics of flexibility and tact that they have. But a women’s mind is stronger than a man’s often you see in combat.

Dustin Poirier

From where it started at the bar is being moved every year, every month. It’s tougher competition, more well-rounded fighters and the pool of competition is getting deeper and deeper. When women’s MMA first jumped on the scene in a big way when Strikeforce and the women came over there were a handful of names that casual fans knew about. Now the list is pages long of high level women fighters. Champions, former champions and people you tune in for because you don’t want to miss. I think it’s going to continue to grow.