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Nevada Latino Legislative Caucus (NLLC) presented UFC athletes Brandon Moreno and Yair Rodriguez with a proclamation honoring the two for becoming UFC’s first-ever Mexican-born champions.


NLLC Presented UFC Athletes Brandon Moreno & Yair Rodriguez With A Proclamation Honoring The Two For Becoming UFC’s First-Ever Mexican-Born Champions

LAS VEGAS – During UFC’s 11th Annual International Fight Week, the Nevada Latino Legislative Caucus (NLLC) presented UFC athletes Brandon Moreno and Yair Rodriguez with a proclamation honoring the two for becoming UFC’s first-ever Mexican-born champions.

Several members of the NLLC and the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce presented Moreno and Rodriguez with proclamations honoring their momentous achievement of becoming champions and celebrating their Mexican heritage. Attendees included Fabian Doñate; Senator for the 10th District of Nevada, Cecelia González; Assemblywoman for the 16th District of Nevada, Gil Lopez; NLLC Executive Director, Natalia Jordan; NLLC Deputy Director, Vince Saavedra; Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Southern Nevada Building Trades, and Peter Guzman; President and CEO of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce.

Former two-time UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno was born in Tijuana, Mexico, while former interim UFC featherweight champion Yair Rodriguez was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. Although they started their careers at different times, Moreno and Rodriguez faced challenges and persevered to reach the pinnacle of their sport, earning recognition as the first Mexican-born UFC champions in their respective weight divisions.

“It is a tremendous honor for Brandon and Yair to receive this acknowledgement by the Nevada Latino Legislative Caucus,” said Lawrence Epstein, UFC Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. “This proclamation is a great recognition of the accomplishments and the positive impact both Moreno and Rodriguez have in the Latino community, and we’re proud to stand with them.”

“As members of the Nevada Latino Legislative Caucus, we are proud of the legacies that Brandon Moreno and Yair Rodriguez have established for our community,” said Fabian Doñate, Nevada State Senator. “They will be forever remembered as the first Mexican UFC champions for decades to come, and we look forward to others to follow in their footsteps.” 

“As a young Mexican/Thai elected official in the state of Nevada, I am overwhelmed with pride and joy in presenting two proclamations to the first Mexican UFC fighters,” said Assemblywoman Cecilia González. “This momentous occasion not only celebrates their remarkable achievements, but also highlights the beauty of Mexican pride, uniting our community and inspiring generations to come.”

The NLLC was established in 2007 and was created to keep the community informed about the work in the legislature and grow the representation of Latinos in state government. The NLLC is dedicated to voicing and advancing, through the legislative process, issues affecting Latinos in Nevada to increase access and parity for all Nevadans.

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