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GameDay Ready’s CONOCB2TM Named Official Pain Reliever of UFC

UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, and GameDay Ready, the top science-backed, protocol-driven athletic recovery organization, today announced a multi-year marketing and research partnership that expands on their previous collaboration.

Under the terms of the new agreement, GameDay Ready’s new Patent Pending CONOCB2™ line of products has been named the Official Pain Reliever of UFC and the UFC Performance Institute, marking the first time such a sponsorship designation has been assigned by UFC. 

GameDay Ready’s CONOCB2™ products are formulated to support targeted pain relief, swelling, and soreness at the muscular and joint levels.  Using a version of the Entourage Effect, a combination of herbal and all natural and highly concentrated ingredients are individually cultivated to reach a standardization that is effective in supporting the reduction of pain and swelling.  CONOCB2 is BSCG Drug Free Certified and is not prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) making it a legal, safe, and highly effective pain reliever for collegiate and professional athletes. 

UFC and GameDay Ready will also collaborate on a research program that will study the benefits of GameDay Ready’s CONOCB2™ products when used by UFC athletes in training during their fight camps and fight week stages of preparation at the UFC Performance Institute.  The program will be completely voluntarily for those athletes who choose to participate.  More details on the research program will be announced at a later date.

“We’re thrilled to welcome GameDay Ready as our inaugural partner in this newly created sponsorship category,” said Paul Asencio, UFC Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships.  “I believe we are just beginning to tap into the natural synergies between our two brands, discover the potential benefits for UFC athletes, and connect with consumers who are increasingly looking for all natural, drug free pain relief products to fit their active lifestyles.”

“The entire team at GameDay Ready couldn’t be more excited and proud that our product, CONOCB2, has been selected as the Official Pain Reliever of UFC,” said Steve Rector, CEO of GameDay Ready. “Our work with UFC and the UFC Performance Institute has proven that we have the opportunity to positively impact recovery and performance of world-class, elite athletes. Imagine what it will do for consumers around the globe looking for all natural, drug free pain relief.”

GameDay Ready are leaders in the field of recovery and regeneration and have developed a variety of evidence-based protocols that are complementary to the performance enhancement needs of individuals looking to extend their athletic endeavors at every age, as well as world-class-level athletes like those competing in UFC.  

GameDay Ready Recovery Zone and the UFC Performance Institute have previously collaborated to provide photobiomodulation therapy (a.k.a. red-light therapy) to UFC athletes to help athletes recover better following challenging workouts.

“An optimal and effective recovery process following a challenging training session or a demanding sports competition is critical for the long-term success for any athlete, even more so for a world-class mixed martial artist,” said Dr. Duncan French, Vice President of Performance at the UFC Performance Institute.  “By recovering more effectively, athletes can return to the playing field or to the Octagon quicker and maintain their high standards of performance.  Through our partnership with GameDay Ready, UFC athletes have access to innovative products, like CONOCB2™ topicals and oils, as well as the most cutting-edge red-light therapy technology, which promotes optimal recovery and regeneration between rigorous physical activities.”


As an Official Partner of UFC and the UFC Performance Institute, GameDay Ready branding will be integrated into some of UFC’s biggest events of the year, including select UFC Pay-Per-Views and Fight Nights, and will be highlighted within broadcast features and receive prominent placement inside UFC’s world-famous Octagon®. UFC and GameDay Ready will also collaborate on a variety of custom and original content that will be distributed across UFC-owned social media channels and digital platforms, which reach over 198 million followers worldwide. 

The partnership agreement also provides for an annual Brand Ambassador fund that will offer significant paid marketing opportunities to participating UFC athletes.

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