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Tweets of the Week - 8/5

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, the list of UFC fighters and the list of Strikeforce fighters to keep up with these guys.

HBB is Ready
I feel great! #positive=#winning  -Tito Ortiz

Rashad in Fight Mode Jimmy Fallon was about 2 get slammed! I'm a wrestler I don't shake hands when I meet Ppl I go 4 the takedown! Lol  -Rashad Evans

Q & Chael
@sonnench is freaking hilarious #imjustsaying   -Jon Bones Jones

Just got2the Wells Fargo Center n @sonnench is up doin the Q and A. I can hear the crowd laughing from here!  -Chad Mendes

The Chaelologues are underway and they're as epic as you'd expect  -UFC

Bday gifts, almost 7k followers, small cake, ice bath n these Pumas. Good day it was. Thanks guys  -Duane "Bang" Ludwig

Nam Phan Knows How to Party!
Found a dvd player. Now watching kung fu hustle :)   -Nam Phan

Natural Born Kool
Gotta love the haters :)  -Carlos Condit

Team Stunning & Smooth?
“@StungunKim: Family's summer vacation. We are team MAD.”can I come next summer???...  -Benson Henderson

@SMOOTHone155 Ben, you are welcome here anytime.  -Dong Hyun Kim

Party Affiliation? Team Sonnen.
Anyone coming to UFC 133 or who lives near Philadelphia this is where the party is:… stop by and say hello.
If you are sitting at my table Friday night in Philly come early, we will have a lot to talk about.  -Chael Sonnen

We Already Knew That!
My hair is a hit! @ufc  -Charlie Brenneman

The Gospel of Miguel
Spaceships, don't come equipped with rear view mirrors. #fact  -Miguel Angel Torres

The Outlaw is Ready
Phase 3... Napalm!  -Dan Hardy

When I see # signs in tweets I'm less likely to read them #truestatement  -Cole Miller

It’s Hard to Argue with Success
Its too hot to workout. I'm going go float in the pool and drink beer till I fall asleep.  -Dave Herman

UFC 137 is in Vegas. Fight then Wedding?
Had to tell my friend I cant be best man in his wedding bc I'm fighting @ufc 137. Looks like I have to buy a better wedding gift now.  -Daniel Downes

Congrats, New Champ
BEST day of my life!!! I'm so honored 2 b the champ! Headed 2 celebrate @ SpyBar in Chicago to celebrate come join!  -Miesha Tate