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Tweets of the Week - 7/29

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC/WEC accounts, and the list of official fighters to keep up with these guys.

Priorities, people

“On my way to Miami/FtL and the Keys for some training and mini-Lobster season!” -Tom Lawlor

NYBA on the injury that took him off the UFC 118 card

“I cant take it anymore. Im freaking out. anxiety im shot. beaten.” -Phil Baroni


An American Rampage in London

“imma bout to kick this A-team premiere off in London. We go smash it over here. I'm doin dis Memphis style” -Quinton Jackson


Vicious elbows help, too

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination. -Tommy Lasorda” -Jon Jones


One small step for the Skyscraper

“Figured out how to reply on twitter.. Damn I´m smart! Will start doing
that tomorrow! Time to sleep for my 10 am session with @antonihardonk” -Stefan Struve

Friendly advice

“@ryanbader quit texting and driving.” Aaron Simpson

Budding bromances

"Good morning, headed to victory mma for jiujitsu, then everyones favorite...sprints YAYY!!" -Joey Beltran

"@mexicutioner760 save some for me!!! You know I love me Some. Sprints!!!" -Phil Davis

“@Philmrwonderful if i was as athletic and talented as you id enjoy sprints too.” -Joey Beltran


Forrest Griffin book coverForrest's new book

“Guys it not me it this book. The book wants me to tell you he's coming
aug. 3rd. This book is so intellgent it confused Steven Hawkins.”

"This book is so intelligent it speaks Braille."

"Buy this book now you can pay your child support next month"

“Oprah thought this book was delicious”  -Forrest Griffin


The Outlaw’s got taste

“New CD's,Bob Dylan, Rollins Band, Iggy Pop and The Doors.” -Dan Hardy


Life Lessons from Miguel Torres

“How old am I? How old is awesomeness, that's how old I am. I age like the summer, I get hotter every year.” -Miguel Angel Torres


Mini-lobster with Tom Lawlor?

"Last night before I start my diet of Fit Foods for the next three months! What should I have for my last cheat meal? #ufc” -Brendan Schaub


Give ‘em hell, FireBall Kid!

“knowing my fans want me to win and knowing myself I can't fail this
time. As long as I continue to challenge, I can't turn back either.” -Takanori Gomi


Crime wave

“I left my Mac laptop exposed in the back of my car. They smashed the
window & took my laptop. Missed them by minutes/seconds. Pissed!” -Kenny Florian

"@Kenny_Florian that stinks man. Ours was stolen out of hotel room last year. Gotta get a back up drive!" -Nate Marquardt

The Bully’s tough life

“Just got done with my massage! Gonna chill the rest of day now.” -Gray Maynard

shane carwin's mailbagsWhy he's a fan favorite

"FYI: I have two glad bags full of fan mail and autograph request. I will be doing them tomorrow.” -Shane Carwin

Count on a great show

“thanks to everyone for showing their support of ufc 120 and buying
tix, or just being exited about it. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!” -Michael Bisping

Oh snap!

“Happy Birthday @DanaWhite. You are on your way to discounts at PinkBerry (senior discounts).” -Shane Carwin

“Happy 65th birthday to @danawhite , you look great!! ;) Extend ur birthday to UFC118.” -Kenny Florian

“Thank you all. I appreciate it” -Dana White