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Tweets of the Week - 7/18

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, and the list of UFC fighters to keep up with these guys and gals.

UFC Dublin: McGregor vs Brandao

I have never felt better leading upto weigh ins. Dublin in the sun!! I LOVE THIS CITY!!!
— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) July 17, 2014

Morning #Dublin #DBelieve #UFCFIghtNight #UFCDublin today it's my favored day !! Weigh in#UFCDublin
— Diego Brandao (@DiegoBrandaoMMA) July 18, 2014

Sorry Brazil we just found out who the wildest ufc fans are at in the world ... #ireland takes it by a…
— Ian McCall (@Unclecreepymma) July 18, 2014

@One_Punch hits the mark 1st time #UFCDublin
— Robert Whiteford UFC (@Flyinjudoka) July 18, 2014

I hope Conor wins tomorrow so I can beat his ass...
— The Diamond (@DustinPoirier) July 18, 2014

Everyone I've met so far in Dublin has been so nice. I'm #Grateful for the hospitality of Ireland. Thank you.
— Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) July 17, 2014

@DiegoBrandaoMMA good luck this weekend bro
— Cowboy Cerrone (@Cowboycerrone) July 18, 2014

Soooo this fight is gonna be nuts!!!
— Cub Swanson (@CubSwanson) July 18, 2014

Man Diego and Conor are fired up hope the don't burn all their energy before they fight tomorrow night ha
— Ike Vallie-Flagg (@IKEVF) July 18, 2014

@DiegoBrandaoMMA has very heavy hands Conor has yet to feel anything like it DB pulls out the upset by KO that's my prediction
— Diego Sanchez UFC (@DiegoSanchezUFC) July 18, 2014

.@GunniNelson arrives in Dublin to make his final preparations before his fight on this episode of UFC On The Fly.


Urrrrything. “@TwankAbbott: @kennyflorian what's @dc_mma eating?”
— Kenny Florian (@kennyflorian) July 16, 2014

No Shame in the Game

Got caught rocking out to Kiss by Prince...I don't even care, that song rocks
— Mitch Clarke (@MitchClarkeMMA) July 18, 2014

Yell Louder or I'll Call the Cops!

I wish these hotel walls were thinner I can't quit make out what my neighbors argument is about
— Forrest Griffin (@ForrestGriffin) July 18, 2014

Tim's Fuzzy Little Secret

The video @TimKennedyMMA didn't know we made. @JacksonsMMA @UFC_Shanda @BrianStann @julesk_fighter @JonnyBones
— Ranger Up / Nick (@Ranger_Up) July 14, 2014

Give Ike a Fight So... He Won't Get Into Fights...

I really need a fight getting upset at people for shit that isn't their fault
— Ike Vallie-Flagg (@IKEVF) July 17, 2014