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Tweets of the Week - 6/15

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, the list of UFC fighters and the list of Strikeforce fighters to keep up with these guys. 

UFC on FX: Johnson vs McCall Post Tweets
Awesome fight tonight thanks to all my training partners. Thanks to @xbox @ufc @univsall now time to enjoy the victory with #teammighty  -Demetrious Johnson ‏

Weird I woke up feeling like I got my ass beat last night ... Oh wait I did haha at least I'm not bleeding out of my ears anymore -Ian McCall ‏

See you soon @MightyMouseUFC ! Congrats!  -Joseph Benavidez ‏

@JoeJitsu @MightyMouseUFC Very much looking forward to u 2 throwing down, 125 might be my fav weight class...  -Benson Henderson ‏

Spoke with my son. "dad you need to practice punching harder" #lovethatkid  -Scott Jorgensen ‏

15 stitches...thanks Scott!! #toughguy #manly #frankenstein  -Eddie Wineland ‏

Congrats to @MeansTim it was his night tonight. I will grow and learn from this speed bump! Thanks to all the tweeps still believing don't count me out! ‏-Justin Salas

Thankyou for all the support everyone!  -Tim Means ‏

Congrats @Mike_Pyle sushi is on you  -Forrest Griffin ‏

Man these flyweights are crazy lol I wouldn't mind if flyweights where the only main events from now on #nojoke  -Erik Jon Koch ‏

When in Russia…
After a good breakfast time to workout in Russia tonight maybe I'll drink good vodka -Glover Teixeira ‏

80% of Tweets to Uncle Creepy are ‘Stache Related
 “@TReihmJob: @Unclecreepymma why is your stache so badass?” how could it not be?

“@PassiveJay: @Unclecreepymma My mustache is a feeble imitation of yours, what do you use on yours to increase its awesomeness?” manliness

 “@SergioILomeli: @Unclecreepymma does your mustache ever talk to you??” he's the only one I listen to  -Ian McCall ‏

Speaking of Mustaches
Geez I look good with a stache. What do you think?  -Kyle Noke ‏

@KyleNoke you look like John Waters.  -Aaron Riley ‏

Brenneman: The Kenny G Look
Does my hair look frizzy?   -Charlie Brenneman ‏

For the Record
Don't let them fool you, I make bad decisions sober to.  -Danny Castillo ‏

Anderson Beats It Check this out ......aaaauuuuu  -Anderson Silva ‏

Why Punctuation is Important
...bath salts...?  -Julie Kedzie ‏

Mexicutioner is Back –Lighter and Stronger
back in the @ufc vs James TeHuna july 11 @FUELTV lets do this!  -Joey Beltran ‏