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Tweets of the Week - 5/13 - Fighter Summit Summary

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, the list of UFC fighters and the list of Strikeforce fighters to keep up with these guys.

This week's tweets are all from guys attending the UFC Fighter Summit in Las Vegas.

Behave. Don't Make Us Call Your Parents!
Well @mattmitrione and Tito almost got into it at #ufcsummit and @cainmma got a wet willy by @JoshKoscheck @ufc  -Ryan Bader

That's a lie, I was passing around the worlds worst t-shirts @ the #ufcsummit “@amirMMA: I saw @TimCredeur get in trouble for passing notes” -Crazy Tim Credeur
Here is @cainmma 's evaluation form of #ufcsummit kinda harsh! Thats what happens when you're not in your seat. -Ryan Bader

It was @JoshKoscheck & I RT @spilledbagofice: @ryanbader @cainmma If that's yr doing, Bader, MAD PROPS! esp the comments at the end.  -Ryan Bader
But Dana WANTS us to Tweet, Right??
@MaydayMcDonald I think we should tweet all the way through this #UFCsummit presentation on social media. -Jason Mayhem Miller
@mayhemmiller hmmm... I can't decide if that's a good idea or a bad idea. Lol  -Michael McDonald
Mr @anthonynjoku keeps asking how to get girls to tweet their phone numbers -Amir Sadollah

@BradTavares freakin guy always "taking notes" #sneakattack #ufcsummit  -Travis Browne
@travisbrowneMMA ok bro you got me that was ninja #sneakattack #UFCSummit  -Brad Tavares

Will do, boss. @DanaWhite  -Jason Mayhem Miller

Lessons Learned
@roynelsonmma says, everything can be made into a sandwich.  -Dan Hardy


I am an expert on concussions now, if u need one let me know..@ufc  -Jake Ellenberger

If anyone tells you @ufc fighters are savages, they're right. Someone went through the mixed nuts and took out all the almonds #ufcsummit -Daniel Downes

The Pat Barry One-Man Circus.
He already done did it. RT @Jennifer_Swift Ut Oh @HypeOrDie your going to upset @Scottjorgensen -Scott jorgensen

TYPING MAKES ME F***IN HOT!!! #UFCSummit!!! -Pat Barry 
Pat Barry is my hero!  -Manny Gamburyan

Gomi is KOed lol #ufcsummit  -Cub Swanson
damn does @anthonynjoku snore loud!! thats another write up & 2 detentions!  -Stephan Bonnar
@StephanBonnar I thought we were boys. You threw me under the bus dirty style......LMFAO  -Anthony Njokuani
Normally i would call this "Hating" but i guess its cool at the #UFCsummit @KoreanZombieMMA  -Danny Castillo
@lastcall155 Sh*t........: ) -The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung
No, We're Calling That Event: Carwinpalooza
The gal at the desk said it is a "Fighters Summit" I thought it was a
Shane Carwin Summit. I guess that explains the lack of posters of me. -Shane Carwin

A Magical Place...
@mattmitrione  what's this inter web they speak of? @ufc #ufcsummit  -Court McGee
We'll Always have Cinnabon
Since I'm fighting in the @ufc in 3 weeks, I should probably only get half a cinnabon from the airport. Anyone wanna split one? -Daniel Downes
@dannyboydownes @ufc I got 4 weeks I should get the big half. -Yves Edwards
@thugjitsumaster @ufc Deal. It's in trying times like this where you really see humanity come together -Daniel Downes

In Summary...

I just realized that the Red Rock
Resort is literally the most dangerous building in the world without
firearms or WMDs right now #UFCsummit  -Yves Edwards

and just like that the #ufcsummit is over  -Brad Tavares

#UFCsummit @ufc is this what you wanted??  -Dustin Poirier

The what? RT @AndreaJ73: @danhendo at the UFC Summit?  -Dan Henderson