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Tweets of the Week - 4/6

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, the list of UFC fighters and the list of Strikeforce fighters to keep up with these guys.

Tim Kennedy Role-Playing as Katy Perry? Check.
If you need some tape on me. This is a good place to start. Visualize having to punch me in that wig @rockholdMMA  Watch Tim as Katy Perry   -Tim Kennedy ‏

@TimKennedyMMA after being in India for a few days your actually starting to look good lol #SadTruth  -Luke Rockhold ‏

TUF Guys & Their Pranks - Had the waitress trade out @urijahfaber's green tea ice cream with wasabi. Hilarious reaction!! #JustTheTempura  -TJ Dillashaw ‏

Still training hard and enjoying my time in the house. hope all is well on the outside. And for those who support me thanks!  -John Cofer ‏

What's up all my new followers?! I decided this June I'm buying a surfboard n getin sick at surfing!.. Whose coming with me? #longisland  -Al Iaquinta

About to hit up the TUF weigh ins, lets go @MikeMav22 #TeamFaber @ufc @InsideTUF  -Urijah Faber

.@samsulicatuf is an habitual line stepper @ufc @InsideTUF  @TheDomin8r @ericdelfierro  -Myles Jury ‏

Things are going great here! Missing my family and friends alot, but this is a experience of a life time so its worth it! God bless to all!  -James Vick ‏

just did a funny ass skit with the team and cruz. should be up on in a day or two. it was hard to keep a straight face  -Jeremy Larsen ‏

Do what has to be done, When it has to be done, As well as it can be done, Do it that way all the time. :)  -Mike Rio ‏

.@badboytickle not 2 happy bout the sprints this a.m!...n I dnt care! Ha   -Dominick Cruz ‏

Nathan Diaz: Now One Shade More Dangerous
just want to say congrats and a long time waiting to @NateDiaz209 for getting his BLACK BELT. keep up the good work buddy.  -Nam Phan ‏

Congrats homie!!! Well deserved Black belt... @NateDiaz209  -Gilbert Melendez

Who Doesn’t!?
I think I need a monkey sidekick.  -Dan Hardy ‏

Super Samoan Ready to KO Twitter
Dam the army is getting bigger 2000 lol  -Mark Hunt ‏

@markhunt1974 hey welcome to twitter buddy!  -Tony Ferguson ‏

Bam Bam’s Refined Taste
Im falling in love with the European style of espresso. 2 shots and lil steamed milk is serious. #internationallyknown  -Patrick Healy ‏

Public Service Announcement from Nik Lentz
Fact: Mac and Cheese is to be ate with a spoon and bowl  -Nik Lentz  ‏

Danny Castillo Presents “Adventures of Master Thong”
Master Thong caused an evacuation on the 3rd floor. He went to hold pads for Faber & Palmer but forgot his food in the oven.
"All black smoke. Black everything, you kno. Beep beep beep alarm, so loud. I tell lady, im sorry you kno." -Master Thong   -Danny Castillo ‏

Jon Jones: Cover Model
Behind The Scenes Of My @UFC Magazine Cover Shoot:  -Jon Bones Jones ‏

Forrest invented Parkour, Bro!
Parcore my ass! I was doing that s--t when it was called horsing around and you got in trouble for doing it on the grocery store isle  -Forrest Griffin ‏

I Believe the Correct Term is Snotty Spring
Is it just me or is it booger season for everybody? -Jason Mayhem Miller ‏