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Tweets of the Week - 3/27

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, and the list of UFC fighters to keep up with these guys and gals.

These Dudes!

“I don’t care about all this talking. Even parrots can talk" @JoseAldoJunior #UFCWorldTour #UFC189
— UFC (@ufc) March 25, 2015


Y'all sitting back hating on @TheNotoriousMMA while this guy out here making them dollars. #youngmulababy #UFC
— Derek Brunson (@DerekBrunson) March 27, 2015


This week's profit.
— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) March 27, 2015


The Celtic Tiger.
— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) March 23, 2015


NEW episode of #Embedded @josealdojunior vs @TheNotoriousMMA #UFCWorldTour just posted! #UFC
— Dana White (@danawhite) March 27, 2015

Yeah, but it Makes a Mess of Your Yard

If you plant the pit from an avocado it will become a guacamole tree
— Mitch Clarke (@MitchClarkeMMA) March 24, 2015

One of the Few Men Able to Challenge Kenny's Hair

Indisputable evidence #DavidBeckham and I hang out.
— Kenny Florian (@kennyflorian) March 23, 2015

Josh Barnett Can Hook You Up with Some Uplifting Death Metal

Do I listen to pop music because i'm miserable? Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?
— Coach (@CMPunk) March 23, 2015

If Only You Could Train with Master Splinter

Sometimes I wonder why I fight. Then I remember it's the closest I'll ever come to being a Ninja Turtle and that's been my dream since birth
— David Michaud (@bulldawgUFC) March 23, 2015

Riot Girl

Ya that was my daughter shattering a bunch of glass at Crate & Barrel. #what
— Jon Anik (@Jon_Anik) March 23, 2015

Puppy Buddies

I freaking love this dude! #NationalPuppyDay #BestFriend
— Joseph Benavidez (@JoeJitsu) March 23, 2015


Happy #PuppyDay I love these guys.
— Tim Kennedy (@TimKennedyMMA) March 24, 2015

Sing Like No One is Filming You on Their Phone

Caught a guy filming me singing while driving. I fully expect to be tagged in a video on some social network.
— russell doane (@RussellDoane135) March 26, 2015

But "Papa Happy" is a Terrible Nickname

The kids and mrs sleep while I ponder how to spoil them tomorrow ... I've never been so happy
— Ian McCall (@Unclecreepymma) March 25, 2015

Thanks, The James Krause!

YOU, have a great freaking day.
— James Krause (@TheJamesKrause) March 26, 2015