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Tweets of the Week 1/27

The best MMA tweets from the past week.

UFC on FOX: Evans
vs Davis

riddle me this: if u can't takedown non wrestlers in a fight how do u expect to
take me down?! U need 2 revise your plan! SugaRashadEvans  -Rashad Evans


can't believe
neither Rashad or phil gave me cred for the Arsenial Hall joke. @UrijahFaber
@ufc @sugarashadevans @philmrwonderful UrijahFaber  -Urijah Faber


@UrijahFaber I
can't either PhilMrWonderful -Phil Davis


My view live from
the press conference right now! bisping  -Michael Bisping


Hey Gov'nor, I'll
finish you faster than you can devour a Bovril & pie, u doughy wanker. Just
because u have a Queen doesn't make it English sonnench -Chael Sonnen


And here are Chael
@SonnenCh and Michael @Bisping with their soundbytes at today's presser
ufc  -UFC


I'm gonna leave
@CubSwanson singing a Swan song after @ufc this weekend. #ufc GeorgeRoop  -George Roop


Don't make me beat
you up before Saturday @GeorgeRoop CubSwanson 
-Cub Swanson


I like dancing, and
being awesome @JordanMcDonald EllenbergerMMA 
-Jake Ellenberger


Done with all my
interviews for the day. Lil nap then get some training in ChrisWeidmanUFC  -Chris Weidman


Chicago is a
beautiful city, but a little cold. Weight is good, body is good, mind is good
now lets do this. evandunham155  -Evan


I scored these from
an old timer at tractor supply earlier.
shaneroller  -Shane Roller


I'm on weight and
waiting for weigh ins now. Couple more hours until I get to rehydrate and eat
some good Chicago food! ChrisCamozzi 
-Chris Camozzi


We have formed the
#Blaxicans @lloydirvin @SutYadPalung @EricDelFierro @manny_mma @amel619
@PhilMrWonderful ANd Me! Boom that just happened mexicutioner760  -Joey Beltran


I Don’t Understand
Either but Do What She Says!

Hey guys I need
more gems on dragonvale! My gamecenter SN is rowdyronda - friend me and send me
gems! I need to get an epic breeding island! RondaRousey  -Ronda Rousey


The Debates Lacked
a Certain… Chael.

I'm watching the
republican presidential debate. Who do you like/dislike? MartinKampmann  -Martin Kampmann


Because They Don’t

Why do old people
talk so much? Unclecreepymma -Ian McCall


A Question for the

Wonder who would
win a fight between Big John Mc Carthy n Herb Dean? I've seen herb throw nasty
head kicks in King of cage! #wondering LiLHeathenMMA -Jeremy Stephens


Comfort Food

Cheesecake, you are
my friendly friend theninjaoflove -Nick Denis


The Classics Never
Get Old

If your looking for
a reason to follow @StephanBonnar, he just made a f$&$ing Dan Quale
reference ForrestGriffin -Forrest Griffin



Barry Calls Out

if @HypeOrDie wants
me he's gonna have to meet me at 205. #ilikecake Scottjorgensen -Scott


@Scottjorgensen I
CAN'T MAKE IT MAN!!! HypeOrDie -Pat Barry


Bang’s Sense of
Humor Uninjured

I cant believe they
stopped my fight! BS call. Haha I joke I joke congrats @joshneer DUANEBANGCOM
-Duane Ludwig


Showtime Kick your
Birthday in the Face

Happy birthday to
my brother @Showtimepettis he is ready to whoop some ass in Japan. NEWBREED04
-Erik Jon Koch


happy bday brotha! Hope u have a good one! chadmendes -Chad Mendes