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Tweets of the Week - 1/23

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, and the list of UFC fighters to keep up with these guys and gals.

UFC Stockholm: Gustafsson vs Johnson

Who's NEXT? #TheTimeIsNow #UFCStockholm on FOX @AlexTheMauler @Anthony_Rumble
— UFC (@ufc) January 21, 2015


Good to be home! Got the best hairdresser in town to get my hair and beard in fight shape lol thanks…
— Alexander Gustafsson (@AlexTheMauler) January 20, 2015


Half of the #UFCStockholm main event, @Anthony_Rumble arrives, but never leave your back open to @BurtWatson4real!
— UFC United Kingdom (@UFC_UK) January 20, 2015


HENDERSON vs MOUSASI!!! Tomorrow on @UFConFOX! #UFCSweden
— Dana White (@danawhite) January 23, 2015


Before you make your picks, get a break down of #UFCStockholm w/ @DanHardyMMA & @JohnGoodenUK:
— UFC (@ufc) January 23, 2015

It's Called "Deux Commentate" for Men

@ClarkGilmer @kennyflorian Walked into a bar last night and someone told me I smelled like an announcer. #oudwoodallday
— Jon Anik (@Jon_Anik) January 23, 2015


@Jon_Anik @ClarkGilmer haha YES!
— Kenny Florian (@kennyflorian) January 23, 2015

He Knows Damn Well What it Means. SHOLLER'D!

Hey @LukeRockhold: Keep seeing ladies on Twitter calling you "bae" after watching you on @Bravotv. Not sure what it means, but congrats. 
— Dave Sholler (@Sholler_UFC) January 23, 2015

Michaud on Martial Arts Icons & Inspirations

"Many things are said, but few are true" -Master Splinter
— David Michaud (@bulldawgUFC) January 23, 2015


People seem to forget Splinter was a pretty exceptional rat even before the ooze. He learned ninjitsu before he was mutated.
— David Michaud (@bulldawgUFC) January 23, 2015


If someone studied Ninja Turtles they would basically know all my fighting moves.
— David Michaud (@bulldawgUFC) January 23, 2015


Best Worst job ever!
— Rose Namajunas (@rosenamajunas) January 23, 2015

Mitch Reflects on his Childhood

Watching Gummi Bears makes me realize how awesome the cartoons we had as kids were
— Mitch Clarke (@MitchClarkeMMA) January 22, 2015


I'm beginning to think Tummi Gummi was on drugs most of the time in this show
— Mitch Clarke (@MitchClarkeMMA) January 22, 2015

Are They Free Hugs? You Didn't Say, "Free Hugs"

It's #NationalHugDay I'm available for hugs. I love hugs.
— Stipe Miocic (@stipemiocicufc) January 21, 2015