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Tweets of the Week - 12/19

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC accounts, and the list of UFC fighters to keep up with these guys and gals.

Fight Night: Machida vs Dollaway

Preview of our last event of the year as we head to Brazil for #UFCBarueri live on @FOXSports1
— #TheTimeIsNow (@ufc) December 19, 2014


Open training before my figth! Treino aberto! #TaemCasaLyoto #MyArena #UFCBarueri #GoLyoto #PressLyoto
— Lyoto Machida (@lyotomachidafw) December 18, 2014


I have arrived in Brazil looking forward to performing in front of the Brazilian fans on Saturday Night ! @ufc #ufcfightnight58 #ufn58
— CB Dollaway (@cbdollaway) December 16, 2014


Find it in Your Heart to Forgive Tecia

#tbt Omg! Maybe I started the duck face. Me at 16 11th grade
— Tecia Torres (@TeciaTorres) December 19, 2014

Only Tough as Nails on the Clock

I just stubbed my toe and I can't even explain how much it hurts.
— Stipe Miocic (@stipemiocicufc) December 17, 2014


@stipemiocicufc says the guy who traded punches with JDS! Heal up and see you soon, brother!
— Dave Sholler (@Sholler_UFC) December 17, 2014


@Sholler_UFC @stipemiocicufc it's amazing how tough one can be in the cage and the minute you get out big wuss! Myself included
— ike vallie-flagg (@IKEVF) December 17, 2014


— Stipe Miocic (@stipemiocicufc) December 17, 2014

Fighter vs Food: David's Struggle

This is what 220 to 155 looks like. @bulldawgUFC
— Emmy Her Many Horses (@emmyhmh) December 15, 2014


I woke up this morning and ate an entire pizza, and in no way is that disappointing
— David Michaud (@bulldawgUFC) December 17, 2014


I just want to eat everything
— David Michaud (@bulldawgUFC) December 19, 2014

Danny has Friends! He Does!

Yes, table for one! You don't kno my life Mrs. "hostess"
— Danny Castillo (@lastcall155) December 18, 2014

Mitch Will Rat You Brats Out to Santa!

I've never seen so many misbehaved kids until I saw the line to get pictures with Santa
— Mitch Clarke (@MitchClarkeMMA) December 14, 2014

Hater Eliminator Button

I have discovered the mute button.
— Coach (@CMPunk) December 19, 2014

She's Right, You Know!

@tariq_ahmad A lot of people don't realize how funny our fighters are. You gotta check out Tweets of the Week ;)
— Shanda (@UFC_Shanda) December 19, 2014