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Tweets of the Week - 11/5

A look at the best tweets from the world of UFC. Follow @ufc, the list of official UFC/WEC accounts, and the list of official fighters to keep up with these guys.

Roy Nelson: Really Itching to Fight
@ShaneCarwin can I get a RT for that you are feeling much better and ready to knock the F out people in the @UFC @danawhite will be happy  -Roy Nelson
The Fighter’s Life
Had a good day of training, off to bed and another hard day tomorrow.
Looking forward to punching someone in the face in a couple weeks!!!  -Tyson Griffin
Probably Gerald Harris
Oh no its the worst night of my life somebody is prank calling me  -Phil Baroni
Awww of the Week
AWESOMEcarwin twitpic get well -Shane Carwin
You Heard Gabe, Up Your Game!
Some internet sh@t talkers are just annoying. Like little gnats circling
and saying stupid things..... At least be entertaining!  -Gabe Ruediger 
Determined Dos Santos
I know Cain is a very good fighter, but I want to say that the bigger is
the challenge, more confident and determined to win I feel.   -Junior Dos Santos
The Prophecy of Miguel Torres
Hey, @roynelsonmma,
one day our mullets will meet. On this day, the world will stop
spinning, no one will die,  & peace will inhabit the earth. We will
exchange words that when heard by mortal ears, will bring tears to their
eyes.  When we part separate ways, a super nova sonic boom will blind
anyone who watches. Then everything will go back to normal.  -Miguel Angel Torres
Boston Zombie
Getting my MRI and MRA done. Hopefully my brain is still there... But I'm not keeping my hopes up.  -Joe Lauzon
Josh “The Petulant Plumber” Koscheck!
Ya i needed that.... lol RT @angeljoooones @JoshKoscheck gimme my plunger back!!! -Josh Koscheck
Happy Axe-iversary
Today is my 14 year anniversary of becoming a professional fighter. Thank you all of my friends.  -Wanderlei Silva
Ice Burn!
Something witty and borderline offensive  -Sean McCorkle

Rampage Disagrees
Has anyone ever seen Cyborg Soldier? Its on showtime right now and Rich
Franklin is the star? I thought movies were just a couture thing   -Chris Camozzi